Refuting the "Wipe Israel off the map" lie about Iran's President

The Most Repeated Lie of 2007

The president of Iran has stated that he wants to “wipe Israel off the Map!” This supposed quote has been repeated thousands of times in media all over the world. It is meant to justify launching a bloody and murderous war against Israel’s enemy: Iran. The quote suggests that that Iran will use its nuclear energy program to someday produce atomic weapons which they will then use to commit genocide against the Jews of Israel.

The quotation is an easily disproven, gigantic lie, a lie that can live only because of the inordinate Jewish influence over media in the United States and around the world. In actual fact, Ahmadinejad, never said that he wanted to attack Israel, and never said anything about any map or wiping Israel off the map. He simply said that he believed that God would cause the Israeli regime be overthrown. I was less than 20 feet from the Iranian President in Tehran when again he was quoted as saying he wanted to “wipe Israel off the map.” In his talk he even directly compared what he thought would happen to the Zionist regime to the overthrow of the Soviet Regime in Russia. Obviously, Russia was not wiped off the map, nor were the Russian people wiped out. They were made free of a repressive Bolshevik regime. He also stressed the absolute need to respect the civil rights of all people in Palestine, including Jews, Christians and Muslims. Yet, the world hears almost every day, in practically every discussion of Iran, that Ahmadinejad wants to wipe Israel off the map. That creates an allusion to a nuclear holocaust! In fact, both Republican and Democrat candidates for President of the United States, totally under the control of Zionists, are openly saying that they wouldn’t rule out using nuclear weapons against Iran! These Zionist politicians are the ones threatening nuclear attack against another nation! Here is a link to an excellent radio speech of British MP George Galloway on this subject. Also included is a direct translation of the actual words used by Iran’s President. The word Rezhim in Farsi is quite similar to the word regime in English. There is no mention of Israel; no mention of a map. It is just one more example of the lies used by the pro-Zionist media to create a climate of hate and war against Iran, a war that would be catastrophic not just for the Iranians, but for the American people. No war for Israel! –David Duke

Hear Galloway on the “Wipe Israel off the Map” lie