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People know more about Paris Hilton than about their own Congressman

NOW! What Will Happen With Immigration

By Frosty Wooldridge

What about Paris Hilton today? Jailed? Shrink visit? Ankle bracelet with mansion confinement? Picture of her breaking down in tears inside her limousine?

People know more about Paris Hilton than they know about their U.S. senators. A good third of the population couldn’t name its senator or congressman.

But if it’s Angelina or Paris, look out; information on their lives exceeds anything anyone knows about the workings of the U.S. Congress.

However, last Thursday, enormous corporate power positioned Uncle Sam under a guillotine about to get his head chopped off. Teddy Kennedy, McCain, Kyle and Reid locked the United States into certain death.

Senate Bill 1348, which opened the door to unlimited illegal and legal immigration that promised an added 100 million people pouring into the United States within 20 to 30 years—FAILED.

Why did it fail? A growing armada of frightened, angry, activated and empowered Americans by the hundreds of thousands phoned, faxed, emailed and demonstrated across the country to stop amnesty for illegal alien migrants. Led by William Gheen, Jason Mrochek, Roy Beck, Peter Boyles, John and Ken, George Putnam, Dan Stein, Barb Coe, Rusty Childress, Terry Anderson and dozens of other leaders with web sites that empower citizens—those 21st century patriots spoke, wrote, hit TV and radio—for an amazing show of power!

When Reid sent the 800 page farcical joke of a bill down to the floor for a Cloture vote, it lost 45 to 50. It needed 60 votes. The Republic breathed a sigh of life. (more….)


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