Real happiness and well-being ultimately comes from a life with meaning! A Dr. Duke Classic!

meaning to life2Today’s David Duke Radio Program focuses on the “meaningful life” part of the happiness equation. It is a perfect followup to his coaching yesterday on ways to be more happy and productive. He shares the latest scientific evidence including both psychological and genetic that the most important equation for good health is not happiness per se, but meaningfulness.

People who are blindly “happy” actually create the same kind of inflammation that is as health debilitating as long term stress and adversity! Happiness and meaningfulness often intersect in life, but frequently people calling themselves happy have the least meaning in their lives, people living a life of meaning rate themselves as the least happy.

Dr. Duke presents the latest scientific evidence from a new study in the PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) that offers strong evidence that meaning is far more important for health and achievement, as well as for positive relationships and societal contribution, than simply happiness.  How does one navigate between meaningful life and happiness? A fascinating program is scheduled for today at 11 am Eastern Time (US) and of course will be available in archive shorty after. Enjoy and share!