Only War Will Satisfy the Jewish Lobby, says Mark Dankof

Only war with Iran will satisfy the Jewish lobby in America, Lutheran minister and well-known political commentator has said on Iranian Press TV.

His name is Mark Dankof who will appear on Dr. Duke’s radio program today, August 5, at 11 am Eastern Time. As a Lutheran minister he will also discuss the Jewish Extremist threat to Christians on a global level, and show how so-called Christian Zionism is actually anti-Christian! Get ready for a great show!

Speaking during a discussion program following the inauguration of the new Iranian president, Mr Dankof, who has also been a guest on Dr. David Duke’s radio show, said that it’s “clearly in the interests of the United States to avoid a war with Iran, for the United States not to be dragged into this terrible situation by Netanyahu, and for someone to get the Israeli lobby under heel in this country.”


The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: What does [Iran’s election process] say about Iran itself?

Dankof: Clearly the election was legitimate. Clearly it was broad based in terms of participation. That’s all excellent.

The bad news is that nothing short of war is going to satisfy the Israeli lobby in the United States. All we have to do is look at the statements that Eric Cantor, the House Republican majority leader, who basically indicated that nothing short of regime change would be satisfactory. He said that the United States should have no more negotiations with the current president of Iran than with its predecessor.

The second thing that we need to look at is an indication of what’s happening here, is that Malcolm Hoenlein, the executive vice president of the Council of Major Jewish American Organizations, recently appeared at John Hagee’s bash for the Christian’s United for Israel Organization. Mr. Hagee of course is globally known as the most rabidly Christian Zionist going. He’s based here in San Antonio. Mr. Hoenlein said one of two things: one, American-Christian Zionist support for Israel against Iran and a war with Iran is “Israel’s nuclear weapon”. The other thing that was said by Mr. Hoenlein is that, “the Jewish lobby is a myth. We intend to make it a legend.”

When you look at that in tandem with what Eric Cantor has said, and now this letter coming from Menendez and Lindsey Graham with the support of these other 74 US senators, it’s quite obvious that we are headed toward a war and there is absolutely nothing that Iran can do in terms of good-faith negotiation, in the way of any kind of future election to satisfy the lust for war that Mr. Netanyahu clearly has, has publicly stated it and that the Israeli lobby continues to push for here in the United States.

Press TV: What you said basically was that the United States is being pulled by this string of the Israelis, especially when we’re talking about the situation when dealing with Iran. Wouldn’t it be better, let’s look at it from the American perspective – would it not be better for the Americans, for American businesses, for relations, actually, to try to make it improve between Tehran and Washington? -And yet time and time again we see an opposite reaction even though now there is a new president who sort of opened the doors saying he’s looking for moderate policies, but prior to taking office we see something totally opposite?

Dankof: I think it’s clearly in the interests of the United States to avoid a war with Iran, for the United States not to be dragged into this terrible situation by Netanyahu, and for someone to get the Israeli lobby under heel in this country.

As we turn to Barack Obama, I think it’s important that we understand that he’s just as much a tool for the Israeli lobby as George Bush was. There’s more Jewish money going into the Democratic Party than in the Republican Party in this country.

If you look at what the Israeli media was publishing when President Obama visited Israeli the last time, Obama made it very clear that he owed his election to the United States Senate in Illinois, and his subsequent election as President in the United States to the overwhelming support of the Israeli lobby and Jewish Americans.

The fact of the matter is that Barack Obama has supported the United States and Israel using the Mujahedin-e Khalq to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists in Tehran. Barack Obama has gone along with all of these sanctions that has occurred to this point in all of these economic sectors in the Iranian economy. Barack Obama has time and time again reaffirmed that Israel is America’s ally in the Middle East, and that the military option against Iran remain on the table.

I think it’s a little suspect to juxtapose the American President, Barack Obama, on the one hand with people like Menendez, Lindsey Graham and Eric Cantor on the other. Mr. Obama is obviously being far more careful in public.

But, it seems to me that when we look at the totality at what’s going on here, that we are headed, just as Franklin Delano Roosevelt was headed deliberately for war with Japan from October of 1940 onward – it would not be deterred from it no matter how many concessions the Japanese made and President Herbert Hoover is the source for that, by the way – we’re seeing the same thing unfolding now. This war is not in anyone’s interests and that’s just where it is.

Press TV: What about that, Mr. Dankof, does it have to do anything with the form of government or what, from the perspective of the United States with various countries? For example, its relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran?

Dankof: I think a couple of things will suffice to be mentioned here, one is that, yes, Iran did cooperate with the United States after 9/11 only to later be lumped by then-President Bush as a part of the axis of evil.

Couple of other things that come into play here, regardless of what Mr. Obama says, all we have to do is see what he’s currently doing in Syria. The United States, the Obama administration is working in tandem with Israel, with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation [PGCC] states and Turkey to overthrow a regime in Syria because that needs to happen as a prelude to an attack, a military attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Obama is fully in support of this sinister policy as a majority is in both Houses of the American Congress.

Then when we look at this whole business of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, my question is, since the Israeli lobby is this hung up on what Iran is or isn’t doing with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, why don’t we get Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which they have not signed, and turn over their known nuclear weapons capability, biological weapons capability and chemical weapons capability over to the same set of international sanctions, regiments and inspections that Israel through the United States is demanding that Iran be subjected to?

The fact of the matter is that whether you’re looking at American or European support for these sanctions against Iran, Israel and the Jewish lobby are behind it all. They are the driving force behind what’s happened up to this point.

Press TV: You were smiling at [the previous guest speaker, Mr. Lawrence Korb’s] comments in dealing with Congress. Your take, I only have about a minute left, Mr. Dankof.

Dankof: I will simply remind people of who has a disproportionate control, moneywise and power-wise, of both the American presidential elections and American senatorial and congressional elections. It’s clearly the Israeli lobby. They clearly want the United States to be involved in a war with Iran.

Just to underscore a point where I differ with Lawrence, Article One, Section Eight of the United States Constitution makes it very clear that it is the Congress of the United States, not the president of the United States, that determines whether we go to war with someone, when we go to war with them, and with whom we go to war.

The fact of the matter is that in this very important situation that we now confront in terms of Israel and the Israeli lobby in the United States. They’re going to get a war with Iran come “H” or high water.

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