Racial Segregation in Israel More Extreme than Jim Crow or Apartheid South Africa

Israel’s largest adventure park, “Superland” practices complete racial discrimination which makes Jim Crow segregation or Apartheid South Africa look like child’s play, it has emerged.

A posting on the Arab Israeli Balad party on Facebook by Khaled Shakra, a seventh-grade teacher at the Ajial school in Jaffa, has revealed that the theme park, the lasted in Israel, does not allow Arab Israelis and Jews to share the park on the same day, and strictly segregates parties on the basis of race.

(The posting is in Hebrew, but it can be translated using a web service).


Shakra reported on Facebook that he tried and failed to book a day at the park for a group of his students.

When he first telephoned to reserve the visit he was told that the dates of June 17, 18 and 19 were specifically set aside for group visits and that he could choose any of those dates.

However, according to Shakra, as soon as he revealed the obviously Arabic-sounding name of his school, he was relayed to a second Superland employee who imformed him that there were no places available.

When Shakra offered to alter the date of his visit he was likewise rejected.

Half an hour later, he said, he called the theme park again, this time introducing himself as “Eyal” — a Hebrew name — and saying he represented a Jewish NGO, and was told that the dates were in fact open for his group.

After the story broke, Superland confirmed that it had a policy of designating separate days at the park for group visits by Arab and Jewish schools.

Shakra said, “I felt many things all at once. I felt frustration, despair… I’ve experienced racism in the past, but this was the most severe incident.”

Jim Crow segregation and Apartheid South Africa never went anywhere near this far, restricting itself to separate toilets or water fountains and the like.

In both America and South Africa, Jewish Supremacists were the leading activists working to end the policies of racial discrimination in those countries—yet today, Jewish Supremacists fanatically support the racist state of Israel which practices racial segregation on a vast scale which makes Jim Crow and Apartheid seem petty.

The astonishing hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacists in demanding that all other peoples abolish their own self-interest, while rigidly enforcing the most extreme anti-gentile discrimination in Israel, is yet another example of the double standards to which they adhere.

To gain an understanding of how extreme this situation is, imagine if you would, Six Flags adventure park in America segregating Jews from European Americans.

Firstly, such a scenario is unimaginable, and even if it were ever to occur, the same Jewish Supremacists who support Israel no matter what, would the very first to be screaming “racism” and “holocaust.”

The blatant racism also makes a mockery of the $8 million per day that American taxpayers hand over to Israel courtesy of the Jewish lobby which controls the US government.

US taxpayers—of all races—are directly subsidizing the Zionist state which actively pursues racial segregation on a grand scale.