“Christians are Monkeys”: Jewish Supremacist Media Cover up Continues

“Christians are monkeys” reads the latest “price tag” graffiti attack on a Christian church in Jerusalem—just one of many regular anti-Christian outbursts in the “Holy Land.”


According to a report in the Times of Israel, vandals spray-painted epithets on the outer walls of a Jerusalem church and damaged two cars that were parked nearby overnight Thursday.

Photos released by the staff of the Dormition Abbey, which is located just outside the Old City’s Zion Gate, showed graffiti which read “Christians are monkeys” and were signed “Havat Maon,” a West Bank outpost.

The two cars, at least one of which belongs to the church, were covered in graffiti and their tires were slashed.

“Perpetrators of Price Tag attacks say they’re retaliating for Israeli government decisions that they perceive as being anti-settlements,” the Times of Israel continued.

“The attacks aim to exact a ‘price’ for government action that the extremists oppose, like the demolition of outposts.”

Of course the Times of Israel—run by a fanatic Jewish Supremacist David Horovitz, a former editor of The Jerusalem Post—does not try and explain why these Jewish settlers target Christian churches—if their complaint is supposedly against the Israeli government.

The latest attack is not an aberration: there have been a very large number of such anti-Christian outbursts in Israel. See here, here, here and here.

There is in fact no reason at all to attack Christians in Israel because of the actions of the Israeli government, and this Jewish Supremacist media spin on the “cause” of “Price Tag” attacks is a very obvious lie.

In reality, the attacks are purely the result of a hatred among Jewish Supremacists for anything non-Jewish—of which Christian churches are an obvious, readily-available and simple target.

To explain this lie further, we need only look at what the scenario would be if the identities of the attackers and their victims were reversed.

By way of example, consider the following theoretical example:

Say that Christians in America start attacking synagogues up and down the country, leaving graffiti saying that “Jews are monkeys”  (and other more venous comments).

Would the Jewish Supremacist-controlled media downplay these attacks and say it was just because “Christians are angry with the actions of the US government”?

Of course not: these same Jewish Supremacists would be screaming off the rooftops about “anti-Semitism” and their media would be blaring propaganda saying how evil and wicked these Christians are for daring to attack synagogues.

As usual, it is one rule for the Jews, and another for the lesser “goyim.”