Putin says EU refugee crisis “expected” — “planned” more like it!

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery — Russian President Putin has said in a speach that the current human tsunami of refugees into Europe was “absolutely expected” and that he himself has publicly predicted such an outcome from “the West’s” misguided meddling in the Middle East and North Africa. Putin’s statements are correct as far as they go, but they don’t go far enough. 

It’s not just that a refugee crisis could be expected, but as Dr. Duke and I have frequently pointed out on the David Duke Radio Show, a refugee crisis was part of the plan. Of course the Zio-fanatics in Israel and Washington wanted to weaken a Syrian state that they see as an enemy, and of course they want to pre-occupy Iran’s ally Bashar Assad in order to clear the way for a war against Iran. 

But massive immigration into European countries is also a top priority for Zio-fanatics, and the war in Syria has created millions of new pawns that can be sacrificed in order to further undermine Europe’s demographic future. Likewise, the overthrow and gangland execution of Libyan leader Gaddafi with the support of U.S. air power has created a lawless superhighway from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe’s Mediterranean shores. If hundreds of Africans at a time die along the journey, what difference does it make? After all, they are just goyim! And enough will get through to fuel the Zio push for a multi-cultural Europe. 

While Putin has a pretty tough reputation, notice that even he holds back on identifying the Zionist fingerprints all over this crisis. We know that Jews extremists run America’s foreign policy. The top three officials at the State Department are all Jews, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, the Middle Eastern governments responsible for financing ISIS and allowing foreign fighters to infiltrate Syria and Iraq are all 100% kosher client states with a long history of cooperating with Zionist interests: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, and Turkey. 

The essence of Jewish power is the ability to prevent the discussion of Jewish power. The corollary is that the way to overcome Jewish power is to talk about it. Vladimir Putin would be a good person to step up to the plate. 


EU refugee crisis ‘absolutely expected’ – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin © Evgeny Byatov

Russian President Vladimir Putin © Evgeny Byatov / RIA Novosti

Russia has frequently warned of major problems which Europe would face as a result of Western policies in the Middle East and North Africa and jihadist groups terrorizing people, so the current refugee crisis in the EU doesn’t come as a surprise, said the President of Russia.

“We in Russia, and me personally a few years ago, said it straight that pervasive problems would emerge, if our so-called Western partners continue maintaining their flawed … foreign policy, especially in the regions of the Muslim world, Middle East, North Africa, which they pursue to date,” said Putin.

According to the Russian president, the main flaw of Western foreign policy is the imposition of their own standards worldwide without taking into account the historical, religious, national and cultural characteristics of particular regions.

The only way to reverse the refugee flow streaming into Europe is to help people resolve problems at home. And the first step should be by creating a common and united front against jihadist groups such as Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and fighting them at their core.

“We really want to form some kind of an international coalition, therefore we conduct consultations with our US partners,”Putin said, noting that he spoke about it with President Obama.

However it is premature to discuss “direct” Russian involvement in military actions against ISIS, needless to say joining the US-led coalition, as Moscow is currently considering “other options,” said Putin.

The issue of rebuilding local economies and social spheres to convince terrified people to move back would only arise after terrorism is rooted out, Russian President said. But international support for rebuilding the statehood of the countries which have suffered at the hand of ISIS should only occur with full respect for history, culture and local traditions.

“But if we act unilaterally and argue about the quasi-democratic principles and procedures for certain areas, that will lead us to an even greater impasse,” Putin concluded.

The Russian leader emphasized that he was being critical to figure out “what is happening, and what to do next,” rather than to tease or to point out that Western policies were “shortsighted.”

Putin noted that the US is not facing a refugee crisis of the same magnitude as the EU, which has been “blindly following American orders.”

Prior to Putin’s speech, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the EU could actually learn something from Russia in terms of offering proper living conditions to those fleeing conflict zones.

Reminding Brussels of Russia’s experience in dealing with the influx of civilians fleeing Kiev’s so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in neighboring Ukraine, the ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova said that hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled to Russia were provided with “shelter, food and aid.”