Puppet US Government Officially Endorses Racially-Based Zionist State

outrageous-racist-hypocrisy-of-israelThe US Government, which under its Jewish Supremacist controllers, is the leading “anti-racist” institution in the world, has hypocritically formally endorsed the right to existence of the most extreme racist and racially-based state in the world—Israel.

In terms of the new United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, now formally accepted by President Barack Obama (which will force American taxpayers to pay $11 million every day in “aid” to the Zionist state), the “American” government “reaffirm[s] the enduring commitment of the United States to the security of the State of Israel as a Jewish state.”

In other words, the US government has “reaffirmed” its commitment to supporting a state which:

— outlaws marriages between Jews and non-Jews;

— has an immigration policy based purely on race and biological descent;

— has expelled thousands of asylum seekers, which they described as “infiltrators” in complete violation of international laws on refuge seekers;

— has murdered hundreds of thousands of Palestinians after displacing those people from their land;

— has covered up and effectively sanctioned the murder of Americans (see the Corrie Rachel incident; the assault on the USS Liberty and many other such instances);

— has been caught out time and time again spying on America and betraying its secrets to other nations (see Jonathan Pollard and many others).

The Jewish Supremacists who run the US government are utterly shameless in their open and blatant plans to enforce this utterly hypocritical state of affairs: in America and elsewhere, they claim to “oppose” the right of any people to self-determination, but in Israel, they violently claim that same right—and an extreme, hate-filled variety of it at that—for themselves.