Americans Will Suffer from “Budget Cuts”—But Not Israel

strop-us-aid-to-israelThe Jewish Supremacists who control the American government have made sure that Israel will not be affected by any upcoming “budget cuts” in the US budget, even though Americans—and the poorest Americans—will be made to suffer.

According to Israel Hayom, the most widely read Israeli newspaper, Tel Aviv has already been granted special treatment: instead of the expected 8 percent across the board cut all other federal programs will suffer under sequestration, the Israelis were recently assured by the White House that their share will amount to only 5 percent.

Yet these “cuts” have already been circumvented by the President himself, who, on his trip to Israel, presented Netanyahu with a new 10-year aid “package” totaling some $40 billion — a $10 billion increase over the last such agreement.

And since America’s special alliance with Israel is “eternal,” as Obama said, this amount will presumably increase unto eternity. Or until the American people put a stop to it — whichever comes first.

Meanwhile, Americans will be facing cuts which will affect military contractors, educational institutions, air traffic controllers and even budget restrictions on hospitals.

Americans will suffer while Israel gets an increase in aid…

It isn’t as if Israel is a poor, struggling, Third World country: its GDP puts it in the top 40 richest countries in the world.

Israeli propagandists are always boasting about how they’ve made the desert bloom: the endless parading of Israel’s technical achievements, particularly in the booming high tech sector, is a major hasbara (Israeli propaganda) theme.

At a time when domestic programs are on the chopping block, why should the Israelis demand – an exemption? Rather the question should be why not? When you control the government, the media and the financial establishment, you can do whatever what you want.