Not Jewish Enough to Marry a Cohen — Israel's Marriage Law

 Pictured — A Jewish book condemning Jewish and Gentile intermarriage

Not Jewish Enough to Marry a Cohen — Israel’s Marriage Law

Proof that Israel does not allow marriage between a Jew and non-Jew!
A letter from a reader:

Mr. Duke,

You have stated several times that it is illegal for Jews to marry non-Jews in Israel. Can you prove this?

The reason I ask is because of a conversation I am having with somebody. He asked me to prove it. If I wanted to I could show him numerous articles stating that. But I would prefer to show him something from a Jewish source. I haven’t been able to find any and was hoping that you could help me out.

Thank you, Roger

Dear Roger,

Marriage between a Jew and non-Jew is not legally permitted in Israel. Jews who want to marry Gentiles must travel to another nation to marry. I will link you to an article in the Haaretz Newspaper in Israel and then to an article from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. The first article shows you the extent to which Jewish radicalism prevails in Israel. It is about a man named Cohen (Cohen family names are of the Jewish priest class descent) who was not even allowed to marry another Jew in Israel because although she was a legally recognized Jew she was not of absolutely pure Jewish descent. No Jew in Israel can marry a non-Jew. And the Kohanim (Cohen priest class) is not even allowed to marry someone who is a Jew but not of a perfectly pure pedigree! There have been many minor articles about this in the Jewish press and elsewhere over the years, it just is never made into a major issue by the Jewish dominated media.

The second article from the Jewish Telegraph Agency discusses a recent bill that would have allowed marriages between Jews and non-Jews. It was overwhelmingly defeated and even the writer says this is a great weapon that those who claim Israel is a racist state can now use. However, as you know, there is hardly a peep about this in the press. As a result your friends are unaware of it and can hardly believe your assertions.

I hope this helps you in your discussions. You should pound it home with the proof you now provide that your friends have been deceived on this issue, and you can show how if they have been deceived on this issue there are likely other issues that the Jewish extremist press suppresses. As you know, any White nation on the planet that forbade the marriage of Whites with other races would be bitterly attacked on worldwide basis with a non-stop media barrage. And of course, that barrage would be led by the same Jewish pundits and editors who hide the most racist policies of any nation on earth: that of the nation of Israel. How does one explain how Israel gets away with this other than as a result of the tremendous power and influence of Jewish extremists in the American and world Press.

One last note. The ability for us to expose these deceptions so easily on the Internet with links to original Jewish sources is precisely why the Jewish supremacists are working to criminalize any criticism of Jewish extremism and why they are working so hard to control the Internet with filters and the like. In tens of thousands of libraries, schools, or institutions one cannot even access my site through the Jewish instigated filtering system against so-called “hate sites.” You see it is called “hate” to expose Jewish racism, intolerance and hate! So millions who research on the issue from those Internet portals won’t even be able to read this article or even know of the underlying Jewish articles that prove my point!

You have a responsibility to spread it far and wide on the Internet and to friends and family.

Sincerely, David Duke

Not Jewish Enough to Marry a Cohen

I will also include a link here to the PBS and “NOVA” website celebrating this genetic purity of the Kohanim. How is Judaism lauding and legally protecting the genetic purity of their “priest class” any different from the Nazi demand for genetic purity of their elite: the SS. One is lauded and the other vilified as the worst example of “racism.” The amount of Jewish supremacist media manipulation of our perceptions and values is quite striking. — dd

Tracing the Cohanim — PBS NOVA

Here are excerpts from a recent article from the Jewish Telegraph Agency where bills were handily defeated that would have permitted such civil marriage between a Jew and non Jew:

They talk of change, but liberal parties thwart reform of Israel’s marriage laws
By Jason Gitlin, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, march 24, 2004

“Earlier this month, Israel’s Knesset defeated two bills that would have finally allowed civil marriages as well as recognized religious marriages performed by Reform and Conservative rabbis. The decision, which wasn’t even close, didn’t just severely wrong Israel’s growing number of non-Jewish and secular citizens. It also disappointed and embarrassed non-Orthodox Jews in the United States and those who support Israel’s claim as the Middle East’s only democratic, enlightened nation…

Under current laws, couples that wish legally to be wed in Israel must be married in a religious ceremony that is conducted by a state-recognized clergyman. For Jews, that means only one thing: an Orthodox rabbi. If the couple is comprised of a Jew and a non-Jew — an arrangement most common among the country’s Russian immigrant population — or members of a non-recognized faith or no faith at all, it means they are completely out of luck.

For many Israelis, such requirements simply are untenable. Consequently, thousands of Israelis leave their home country to get married abroad, most often flying to nearby Cyprus. They marry abroad either because they do not qualify for wedlock — the state has determined them not marriage-worthy — or because they want to bypass the religious establishment. Israel’s archaic approach to marriage can be traced back to the state’s establishment, when then-Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion conceded authority over religion and personal-status issues — such as birth, marriage and divorce — to the Orthodox Jewish establishment.

Although evidence suggests that Ben-Gurion believed this was a dwindling population whose power would only erode in the future, the opposite turned out to be true. Over time, Israel’s charedi, or fervently Orthodox population, not only failed to wither, but it grew both in size and political influence. In Israel’s last election, frustration over perceived religious coercion and the discriminatory practices of the state’s religious political parties led to a backlash. The result was that Shinui, a secularist party that campaigned on curbing the power of the Orthodox establishment, went from seven Knesset seats to 15, making it the third-largest party after Likud and Labor.

In addition, advocates for a more pluralistic approach to Jewish life in Israel gained widespread attention in the 1990s amid the “Who is a Jew” debate, which centered on the religious authority’s refusal to recognize Reform and Conservative conversions performed in Israel. So, in light of such developments, how did our enlightened brethren vote? As might sadly be expected, 58 Knesset members from Israel’s religious and right-wing parties — Likud, the Nation Union, the National Religious Party, Shas and United Torah Judaism — voted against the bill to allow for non-Orthodox marriage. Far more distressing was that only 28 Knesset members from the secular and left-leaning parties — Labor, Meretz, Shinui and the Arab parties — voted in favor of the bill…

The biggest disappointments were Shinui and Labor. Shinui, a partner in the current governing coalition, lamely cited a commitment by coalition ministers not to vote against the official coalition stand. Despite trampling on the party’s raison d’etre, Yosef “Tommy” Lapid, Shinui’s party head and Israel’s justice minister, had the gall to gloat after the vote that nine of his party’s members — just over half — voted in favor of the bill while only seven of Labor’s did. For its part, Labor performed the most dishonorably. Despite being in the Knesset at the time of the vote, most of the party’s leaders did not even show up for the session. Among those who decided to skip it were party leader Shimon Peres, Matan Vilnai, Haim Ramon and Amram Mitzna. It is hard to explain the disconnect that is reflected in the actions of Israel’s ostensibly progressive leaders. On the one hand, Mitzna and other Labor leaders tour American Reform and Conservative synagogues peddling support for their peace plans, claiming Jews are all one people and together we can bring security and international respect to Israel…

On the other hand, they do not have the time even to appear as though they care about an issue of clear importance to the entire Jewish people. Moreover, their dismal performance in the vote suggests they either do not understand or refuse to admit that Israel’s current isolation does not stem solely from the occupation of Palestinian territories or a disconcerting rise in anti-Semitism. The upholding of such clearly discriminatory practices, as those relating to personal-status issues, is impossible to defend. It also arms those who wish to paint Israel as a racist society, and will continue to do so even after peace eventually is made with the Palestinians.”