A Modern American Declaration of Independence

Formal Statement by Dr. David Duke

on the recent Harvard paper on the Israeli Lobby

A Modern American Declaration of Independence!

Dr. Steven Walt, dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, the most prestigious university in America, co-authored a paper called “The Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy.” It documented the inordinate power of Israeli extremists in American politics and foreign policy — as well as in the American media. It reveals how these Jewish extremists have manipulated American policy against the clear interests of the American people. Additionally the paper shows how the Jewish Neocons with their Gentile collaborators in government and media were the most important factors in the American rush to war in Iraq. They drove us to a war that has been catastrophic not just for the 20,000 Americans maimed or killed and for the horrible carnage in Iraq, but against every vital interest of the interest of the United States. Ultimately the war will prove to cost trillions of dollars, increased hate and terrorism against Americans, and harm American economic and diplomatic interests all over the globe.

A whole coterie of Jewish extremists such as Alan Dershowitz, Marvin Kalb, David Horowitz and many others have tried to attack this fine paper by pointing out the fact that I have been documenting and stating the same essential thesis of the paper on davidduke.com and in numerous published articles for many years before the publication of the Harvard paper. Even since before the war I called it a war for Israel not America and commissioned a Website called nowarforisrael.com. These masters of slander have falsely called me a White supremacist when they themselves have supported a Jewish supremacist agenda in Israel and elsewhere. They have falsely called me an anti-Semite. But if telling the truth about Jewish extremist power in the American government and media is anti-semitic, then Jewish leaders who often boast of their powerful political and media influence are themselves anti-Semitic.

The fact that I have previously documented and expounded on the basic issues presented in the Harvard paper does not invalidate its easily documented truth.

The fact I have documented and presented the same thesis for years does not invalidate the fundamental truth in the Harvard paper “The Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy.” It validates me and my work and the incredible bias of the media that has worked so hard to discredit me.

It shows that a man the establishment loves to hate has been right about many of the critical issues facing America and the world. All the derisive epithets and nasty prefixes thrown in front of my name cannot change the fact that I discerned and documented (with the help of many scholars) the truth about the Jewish extremist hijacking of American foreign policy. It has all been documented in my book, Jewish Supremacism, first published before the start of the Iraq War. Moreover, I have been bold enough, at great risk to life and reputation, to bring these ideas to the knowledge of the people of America and the world.

The use of my name with biased prefixes in an effort to defame the paper ironically has only made it more newsworthy. For now people discuss it all over America. Indeed, that’s all I or the author’s could hope for. The hateful attacks on the paper, its authors and me will directly lead to wider knowledge of it. Ultimately, the American people will rise up and demand that our government not be manipulated by foreign powers. After all that is precisely the issue that America was founded upon. In a way, this paper is a modern American Declaration of Independence!