Pro-Israel Publication Calls Cindy Sheehan An Anti-Semite

Pro-Israel Publication Calls Cindy Sheehan An Anti-Semite

What should you do if they call you an anti-Semite?

by Rev. Bill McGinnis

ALEXANDRIA, VA — (OfficialWire) — 08/13/05 — Well, it finally happened, as I knew it surely would: A pro-Israel publication, Israpundit.com, hauled out that old, misused mudball – “anti-Semite” – and threw it at Cindy Sheehan. Why? For daring to say, truthfully, that Israel was a major factor in starting our idiot war in Iraq.

For details, please see the story which is the story entitled “Cindy Sheehan: Anti-Semite”

So, in response, I am dusting off my earlier message entitled, “If They Call You An Anti-Semite, What Should You Do?”

This is the essence of what it says . . .

First, recognize that the charge of anti-Semitism is, itself, a vicious “ad hominem” attack. It usually means that the person who accuses you of anti-Semitism is unwilling to conduct a debate on the merits of your ideas, but simply wants to discredit you on the basis of a supposed personality fault in you. It’s almost like calling you, “Child Molester” or “Dope Addict!” or “Kleptomaniac!” It tries to shift the discussion away from your ideas and onto your supposed personality flaws.

Anyone who ever accuses you of anti-Semitism has thereby demonstrated intellectual weakness in himself, by choosing to call you names rather than discussing the merits of your ideas.

However, politics can be a rough game, and a certain amount of name calling is expected, even beneficial, in the process of arriving at Truth and Good Policy.

How then should you respond to a charge of anti-Semitism? I have given this question some thought, and I have come up with several options for you, depending on your personality and your objectives:

Selected Options In Responding To A Charge of Anti-Semitism
You can say . . . 1) “Your mother eats dirt.” 2) “If I am an anti-Semite, then you are a Zionist Fanatic!” 3) “You are trying to avoid the issue by calling me a name.”

Two rules to observe:

First, never ignore a charge of anti-Semitism. It is a serious attempt to destroy your credibility by intellectually dishonest means. You must recognize it for what it is, and send it back to the accuser, with a rhetorical bomb in it. My favorite is, “Oh yeah? Well, I heard that your mother eats dirt!” This will rattle your accuser, amuse the audience, and call attention to the the fact that neither accusation should be taken seriously.

Second, never apologize for what you said. Apologies merely encourage the name callers to keep on calling names in the future. It’s like trying to negotiate with terrorists.

Blessings to you. Please always remember that “Ideas Rule The World,” so choose your ideas carefully.

Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director – LoveAllPeople.org – www.loveallpeople.org