Letter from a Mother of Six Boys

An American victim of the War for Israel in Iraq

Letter from a mother of six boys

—– Original Message —–
From: From The Desk of Barbara D—–
to [email protected]

Mr. Duke,

I just read what you had to say concerning Cindy Sheehan. Don’t tell me that I don’t understand children. We have 6 boys and 3 girls.

I pray that if any of our sons were to die, I wouldn’t take my grief out on the rest of the American people. She is wrong and misguided by people like yourself and Michael Moore — plus other far left kooks.

When you’re finished with her, then what? Like you care. I know that you don’t. You’ll leave her totally torn apart and in pieces for God only knows who’ll help her put the pieces back together!!

Barbara D—–

From David Duke…My Response

Dear Mrs. D—–.

If you want your boys to possibly die in this anti-American war for Israel, a war that does nothing but harm the true interests of the American people, then I feel very sorry for you.

How old are your sons? Old enough for the military?

Are they in Iraq?

Have their legs, their arms been blown off yet?

Their eyes blinded?

Their bodies disfigured for life?

Have any of their bodies been brought home in a plastic sack?

Maybe when that happens, God help you, you will realize what Cindy Sheehan has gone through. Maybe then you will have sympathy for her and the upwards of 30,000 Americans who have already been maimed in this insane war for Israel, a war truly against America.

And she has gone through it all for lies, lies, and more lies. Her son was killed because our leaders lied to us. He died because they are servants of the pervasive Jewish supremacist power in American politics and media. They had to offer an excuse for fighting Israel’s war against Iraq planned by the Jewish Neocons such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Wurmser, Feith, Crystal and so on. So they made up lies about weapons of mass destruction, ties to Al Qaeda, Uranium from Niger, etc., etc., etc. They knew Americans wouldn’t stand for their sons (or daughters) to be killed and maimed for Israel rather than true American security. So they had to give us patriotic lies and wave the flags, when they should have been waving Israeli flags, not American.

Of course, the war was not fought with Israeli money or blood, but American blood and treasure, and has unleashed a burgeoning of hatred, violence, and terrorism against America that will harm our country for many years to come. This is because the whole world knows (everybody but US citizens who are under the control of Jewish media) that the war was unjust, based on lies, and was orchestrated by the Jewish Neocons who have loyalty to Israel over America.

Cindy Sheehan is courageous enough to sacrifice her reputation, her privacy, strong enough to endure being savaged by the Zionist warmongers in the media in this country — all to try to save other mothers’ sons like her own Casey from death or disfigurement in this evil war.

She is a heroic woman, and if you want to condemn me for simply praising her, then I think you should look again at your own morality. I guess you want to praise the government officials who sent young Casey to die for the Big Lie.

By the way, don’t compare me to Michael Moore, I disagree with him on far more topics than I agree. Mr. Moore also believes that one should brush their teeth. Should that make me not want to brush mine?

Just because Moore is against this obviously insane war, that does not make me for it.

The fact that leftists like Moore get more publicity than Conservatives such as Patrick Buchanan and myself is all part of the scheme. You see, this war is not patriotic, it has nothing to do with traditional Conservative values. Most people in America are Conservative on most issues, so the media bosses make it seem like only Liberals are against this war and therefore it is unpatriotic and pro-Liberal to be against the war. For trying to link me with the anti-White filmmaker Michael Moore, you are unthinkingly a product of that tactic.

The Jewish-dominated, pro-Israel media has done an effective job of conflating patriotism with a war for a foreign nation, a war that only harms America.

Please think for yourself on these matters and don’t just parrot what you hear on the Jewish dominated TV networks and cable news outlets.

I do sincerely hope that it will not take a veil of mourning over the loss of one of your own sons to remove the veil of lies from your eyes.


David Duke