Jewish Supremacism

Poll shows: Jews Love Jews, Christians Love Jews, but Jews Despise Christians–Even More than Muslims!

By Dr. Patrick Slattery, with Pre-Commentary- by Dr. David Duke– This fine article by Dr. Slattery exposes once again the insanity of Christian Zionism. A major research group reveals the Christians have been brainwashed to support Jewish tribalists while Jews despise Christians.

haretz  haaretz sarah-silberman-jews-obscenityTo the surprise of many Christians, most Jews actually hate Christians more than they do Muslims.

In fact, the organized Jewish community is the biggest enemy of Christianity in America, even leading the effort to ban traditional Christian Christmas celebrations, including the banning of Christmas carols in schools and public places. 

On almost every major issue of important to Christians Jews lead the opposing public positions!

For instance, most Christians recognize the corrupting influence of Hollywood on young people, yet never stopping to consider the Jewish racist takeover of Hollywood and the mass media and its damaging impact upon hundreds of millions of people in America and around the world.

Before reading Dr. Slattery’ excellent article, look at the headline from a leading Jewish newspaper in Israel that boasts about the leading Jewish role in opposing Christians and their leading role in destroying “family friendly culture” in America.

It even goes on to say that Jews are “asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity!” When Christians support the Jewish tribalism they are only supporting their own destruction and horrific damage to millions of people including Christians, Muslims and freethinkers in America and around the world! — David Duke.

The Pew Foundation, a major research group, has just release the results of a study of attitudes towards various religious groups. The headlines in many papers spouted that Jews are America’s most favored religious groups. This based on responses to poll where people rated religious groups on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 reflects the coldest, most negative possible rating and 100 the warmest, most positive rating .

The overall rating for Jews was 63, just above the 62 rating for Catholics and the 61 rating for Evangelical Christians. But the philo-semitic attitudes of Americans are actually more extreme than at first glance. Jewish correspondent Emma Green of the Atlantic wrote:

As the researchers pointed out, respondents were much more likely to report feeling “warmly” toward the religious group they were part of; Catholics were all about other Catholics, evangelicals were enthusiastic about evangelicals, etc. Of all the groups in the survey, Jews felt most loyal to their own tribe; their mean “warmth” rating of other Jews was “89” out of 100, which roughly translates to “we’re totally awesome guys” on Pew’s ratings scale. 

So the relatively high ratings of Catholics and Evangelicals are largely a reflection of their share of the population, which is 25% or more each.

The Jewish rating was due largely to non-Jews rating them highly. In particular, Evangelicals are just mad about Jews, rating them more highly than they rated any other group. This despite the fact that almost have of Evangelicals don’t even know a single Jew.


However, this love is far from mutual, as Jews rated Evangelicals LOWER than any other group, even lower than the despised Muslims!

This illustrates the inanity of Christian Zionism, which is simply a vehicle by which Jewish supremacists manipulate Christians towards Jewish goals, often to the direct detriment of Christian interests.

The survey also pointed out that Jews were considerably more popular among whites than among blacks or Hispanics.

This may be a reflection of the fact that the main thrust of Jewish supremacist brainwashing propaganda is designed for and aimed at whites. It may also have to do with the types of personal contacts that blacks have with Jews, where in many inner-city neighborhoods the only Jews that residents have contact with are slumlords.

(See the full report here.)