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Play the new Google game: Where’s whitey?

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — Hey kids, the friendly Jews at Google have a new game for you: where’s whitey? It’s kind of like Where’s Waldo, only you have to find white people. It’s not as easy as you think.

Here’s how you play. Go to Google images, and then type something in the search bar. Go ahead. Try it. I started with “American inventors.” Can you find the white person?

Sure you can. It’s Ben Franklin, inventor of the $100 bill. Actually, you may not have noticed, but Alexander Graham Bell is there too. But just to make things extra fun, Google found a picture of him that makes him look like a negro. Very tricky! Now, you may be asking yourself, “what about Thomas Edison, what about the Wright brothers? Didn’t they invent stuff?” Well, yeah, kinda, but there is only so much space on a computer monitor. For instance, that fat lady with the blue background who is portrayed twice is Madame C.J. Walker, the inventor of Madame C.J. Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower, which cured baldness. So the next time you are flying an airplane at night and you turn on the light and don’t see any bald people, you will know who to thank.

If it’s WHITE inventors you want, you will need to be more specific in your search query, goy.

Now those are some white inventors we can all agree on! But what about scientists? Well, go ahead and try it. Type in “American scientists.”

I think it was really creative of the fun Jews at Google to use stock photos of models pretending to be scientists to help hide whitey. But you did find the white scientist, right? He’s right there in the middle: Donald Trump, who discovered how to get elected president over the universal opposition of the Jewish power elite. Plus he has a hot wife. That’s gotta be science!

See how many more whites you can find by adding the word “white” to American scientists.

Now you’re starting to get the hang of it. Let’s try American mathematicians.

And white American mathematicians.

But wait, there’s more! You can play this game with Europeans, too!

Did you notice that Google recommended “HistoricAL Europeans” as an alternative to “Historic Europeans? Let’s try it and see what happens.

Yes, yes, much higher quality negroes. Okay. let’s try something new. Surely there is a way to get more white people in the results. Let’s try “white women.” Everybody likes white women, right?

Okay, now we are getting somewhere. There were plenty of pretty white women in those results. Also Amy Schumer. And some black men. And black women. None were with white men, though. Well let’t try a query that is a little more inclusive. How about “white women with their boyfriends?”

Hmmm. Was there a white man with a white woman? Most of the white women were with black guys (one who was attacking the white woman) plus the tattooed girl with the Hispanic guy and the tall girl with the oriental guy. And, sure there were white men, but they were with black girls, except for the guy kissing the girl in the baseball hat, who was Chinese (I checked). The only chance was that the headless, shirtless guy in the black and white photo groping the girl was white. Or maybe the guy lying on top of the girl with no pants. But I guess we’ll never know.

Does this mean that Google doesn’t want white men and white women to get together? Let’s see what happens when we try “white couples?”

Finally, Google actually shows you a few white couples when you search for “white couples.” I guess that’s how Google got to be the biggest most powerfulest company in the whole wide world. They are a search engine, and if you search often enough sometimes with will give you a couple results that actually match what you are searching for. It’s funny that AltaVista and Lycos never thought of doing that! Still, it’s mostly a bunch of pictures black men pawing over white women. And what’s with those butt-ugly lesbians!?

Okay, one more chance Google. Show me some “white people.”

Okay, while there are some stray negroes, including the lady in the “Screw White People” meme, these DO seem to be mostly white people. But take a closer look. These images of whites carry captions saying that whites all look the same, that they cannot be exotic, that they are born racist, that they should be beat up, and that unless they are engaged in self-criticism they are engaged in violence.

But this is just a Google game, right? No real harm done.

Unfortunately, Google and the rest of the Jewish power elite is trying to meme us out of existence, and they are having some success. Take a look at this real life composite picture of the Rockefeller Foundation board of directors:

And at least two of the three hu-whites are Jews. This is not a game, and this is not an accident. Search engines are supposed to help you find what you are looking for, but Google, now that it has reached monopoly proportions, has taken it to help you find what they want you to look at. This is obviously purposeful.

On the David Duke show last week, Dr. Duke, myself, and our guests talked at great length about these Google results. One of my favorites, which I talked about on the show, was the results for “American Presidents.” I wanted to use that in this article, because it was pretty funny. Of course, it was mostly Barack Obama, but also there were pictures of Morgan Freeman and Danny Glover, who I guess played presidents in (((Hollywood))) movies. There was some guy who looked like Corey Booker, whom they want to meme into being the next president. But also there was a shot of Crazy Maxine Waters with Charile Rangle and John Lewis, looking like old jokes who long ago stopped being funny.

But somebody must have told Google that the goyim know, because now when you search for American presidents you just get composite images of all 45 presidents, and no images of individual presidents. In other words, they changed it over night.

This really is a fun game, but it is part of a sick war on white people that the Jewish owners of Google and the rest of the Jewish power elite are waging. But we are the sleeping giant, and all we need to do is wake up and re-assert control over our own societies and our own destiny.