NY Sex Pest Reveals Jewish Supremacist “Blame Gentiles” Psychology

weinerIn yet another astonishing display of the Jewish Supremacist psychology—which is based upon the declared assumption that all non-Jews are “cattle” and that Jews are always victims –confirmed sex pest and New York mayor candidate Anthony Weiner has attacked the sentencing of a convicted Jewish fraudster as “anti-Semitic.”

Speaking at a Jewish “Orthodox Parlor Meeting” this week in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Weiner—who became notorious for repeatedly sending cell phone pictures of his genitals to girls—said that the November 2009 sentencing of Agriprocessor boss Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, who was convicted of 86 counts of financial fraud, including bank fraud, mail and wire fraud and money laundering, was the victim of “judicial anti-Semitism.”

Rubashkin, who ran the US’s largest kosher meat processing plant in Pottsville, Iowa, (the only one authorized by Israel’s Orthodox rabbinate to export beef to Israel) was cited for issues involving animal abuse, food safety, environmental safety, child labor, and hiring of illegal workers. In June 2010, he was sentenced to 27 years in prison for the array of guilty verdicts.

According to the New York Jewish Week, Weiner said that “when Gedalia came to me about the Rubashkin case, the scandal-plagued ex-congressman said, referring to host Gedalia Weinberger, a Flatbush businessman and Weiner supporter, and jumping off every page of the legal documents are judges that are clearly anti-Semitic …a local jurisdiction of the IRS that was clearly … it just jumps off the page.”

The New York Jewish Week continued: “Weiner’s latest comments were in the context of arguing that he is not afraid of tackling difficult issues and that even though he is not Orthodox he understands the concerns of the influential local community, a large chunk of which he represented as a member of the House with a Brooklyn and Queens district.”

Here then, is a text-book case of the Jewish Supremacist psychology at work. As Gilad Atzmon pointed out in his book, The Wandering Who, Jewish Supremacists are not ashamed about being immoral—they are only ashamed at being caught out being immoral.

Even when they are caught—and punished, as was the case with Rubashkin—the instinctive Jewish Supremacist reaction is to blame non-Jews once again.

Exiles-from-History1In this mindset, it is irrelevant as to whether Rubashkin committed the crimes or not—his conviction was based only on the fact that those convicting him, were “anti-Semitic”—or so they claim.

This perpetual victimhood forms a critical element of the psychological make-up of the Jewish Supremacist attitude towards non-Jews. It shapes how they view the world, and how they interact with it—and anyone seeking an explanation for Jewish Supremacist behavior needs to be aware of this condition.

Recommended reading:  Exiles from History by David McCalden. A psycho-historical analysis of Jewish history which investigates why throughout history, Jews have assumed or imagined that non-Jews wish to “Holocaust” them?