White Genocide in South Africa!
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White Genocide in South Africa!

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New Video — White Genocide in South Africa!

This video shows how White people are facing an ongoing genocide in South Africa, and the vital need for people all over the world to raise their voice to stop this Genocide of thousands of our people.

The world was told that the White Government in South Africa was absolutely evil. Yet, the White people made a great nation of South Africa and Black people thrived and prospered there. Far from genocide, Blacks came from all over Africa to enjoy the prosperity, medical care, education, and relative freedom that the White people created there. They had it better in South Africa than anywhere else on the whole continent.

Meanwhile, in the rest of Africa, there were constant genocides, ethnic repressions, dictatorships, abject poverty, disease epidemics, wholesale crime and murder. So what did the Jewish dominated media focus on?  Of course, the “evil” of South Africa.

While the world was gearing up the hate campaign against the White folks in South Africa in 1994, in the same year, 800,000 African, men, women and children were murdered by Hutu racists opposing Tutsi racists.

Well, the media had its way, the politicians had their way, and what do we have now, GENOCIDE coming to South Africa too!  I know not too many people in the media worry about Genocide of Whites by Blacks, but make no mistake, after they finish with the Whites, the top tribe will kill the other tribes just like in the rest of Africa. Not only do White people, but Black people also have a lot to look forward to in the New South Africa!

Of course in terms of crime, the Whites aren’t the only ones being murdered by the thousands,  it isn’t too nice a place for Blacks anymore, either! If you are a child, you are more likely to be raped in South Africa than in any other modern country. Of course, it was once modern, the European people made it that way, but no worry, it’s getting less and less modern with each passing day. Won’t be long till its in the stone age again, or maybe worse than stone age, with wholesale barbarism combined with modern weapons. God help ’em.

If the world could boycott South Africa for having separate racial development, should it not boycott the South African Government for the genocide going on against White people in that country today?

I say:

(Originally published May 15, 2010 @ 05:59)
Boycott the World Cup

Save the White people of South Africa!