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New Orleans Descends into Savagery

 Police officers subdue rampaging criminals


New Orleans descends into Africa-like Savagery

Roving gangs of African-Americans raid nursing homes for the elderly and even children’s hospitals!

An urgent and rushed article from David Duke

Most people have seen videos depicting the brutality and inhumanity of the African tribal uprisings and lawlessness. Now you don’t have to watch a video shot in Africa, just look at the many videos from an historic and once beautiful American city, New Orleans.

Some people react to catastrophe with a sense of responsibility, giving and sacrifice, others react in a way that more resembles rampaging wild animals than humankind.

The New Orleans looting, robbery, rape, murder and mayhem is not about food and water. There are many distribution points. Absolutely no one is starving. No one is dying of thirst, save perhaps for a few hopelessly trapped in their attics from the risen waters. No this mayhem is about the morals in a man, not the amount of food in his stomach.

Thieves are rampaging through stores stealing TVs they can’t watch without electricity, clothes they won’t wear, jewelry that they certainly don’t need to survive. One African-American was stopped by a TV news reporter. Carrying an armful of new designer jeans he was asked by the reporter if he was trying to save the inventory of his store. With a big toothy grin the looter replied, “This store be everybody’s now!” You can watch the videos all over the Web of hundreds of African-Americans looting homes, shops, and even nursing homes and health care providers and even proud enough of their exploits to smile and wave for the cameras.

The news reports from this morning on the WWL-TV website report that in their quest to loot, gangs of rampaging Negroes even raided a nursing home full of sick and infirmed elderly.

Here’s a direct quote from the article,

“Governor Declares Marshal Law to Crack Down on Looters.”

Managers at a nursing home were prepared to cope with the power outages and had enough food for days, but then the looting began. The Covenant Home’s bus driver surrendered the vehicle to carjackers after being threatened.

Bands of people drove by the nursing home, shouting to residents, “Get out!” On Wednesday 80 residents, most of them in wheelchairs, were being evacuated to other nursing homes in the state.
“We had enough food for 10 days,” said Peggy Hoffman, the home’s executive director. “Now we’ll have to equip our department heads with guns and teach them how to shoot.”

How much lower can someone called human go? — bands of “people” driving by a nursing home full of sick and infirmed elderly and screaming, “Get out!”

And as I said these criminals were in cars and could have easily driven to the many National Guard units and would have certainly been well fed and watered if need be. No, they wanted to go into the nursing home and steal the personal belongings and cash of the helpless residents and snatch some of the drugs that may have been there. Again, this was no isolated robber. It was carloads of African Americans terrorizing these sick and elderly people who were already greatly suffering from the effects of the storm!

Here is story of massive numbers of Negro criminals raiding a children’s hospital!

NEW ORLEANS — The top Homeland Security official in New Orleans said bands of gunmen are roaming through New Orleans.

Terry Ebbert said looters have been breaking into stores all over town to steal guns. The Times-Picayune newspaper reported the gun section at a new Wal-Mart has been cleaned out. And the thieves are apparently using their new guns, with shots heard through the night.

Guns aren’t the only things drawing the thieves. People commandeered a forklift on high ground to lift storm shutters and break the glass of a Rite-Aid pharmacy. A crowd stormed the store and left carrying ice, water and food.

A spokeswoman for Lousiana’s governor said workers at Children’s Hospital huddled with sick kids and waited for help to arrive as looters tried to break in. Help never arrived.

A city councilwoman said, “The French Quarter has been attacked.” She said “exhausted, scarce police” have to be diverted from search and rescue to try to control the looters.

One must ask, is this a story about tribal brutality in Uganda…the raiding by bandits of a children’s hospital?

No, its happening in one of the most beautiful and historic of American cities. And my dear friends, it is only a foretaste of what’s ahead for the multicultural America of the future.

In absolute contrast, in the overwhelming European Communities that have suffered devastating wind and tidal surge damage where the eye came ashore in Mississippi, there has been nothing remotely resembling this anarchy and inhumanity of mostly African-American New Orleans. As one police officer in the devastated European-American community of Bay St. Louis, said, “Never have I seen such selflessness, courage and community spirit than as displayed by these residents.”

I recently reached by phone a police officer friend in my home city of Mandeville, a community that has had tremendous wind and water damage, no electricity, no phone service, no alarms functioning, etc. He told me that there have been almost no incidents of looting or robbery of any kind. Mandeville is about 96 percent White.

Now the egalitarians and multiculturalists will tell us that there are no intrinsic differences in behavior between races and human populations groups. Tell that to the European-American minority who is still stranded in parts of New Orleans and who are prepared to guard their wives and daughters from the rampaging black mobs with their lives if need be.

Differences do exist and these differences can be seen consistently across racial lines around the world. Take for instance Japan. Japan suffered a series of devastating earthquakes, and yet the Japanese people in these communities pulled together, rooted by their common heritage, culture, and racial unity and they helped each other. There was no anarchy, no bands of simian-like Japanese in cars trying to raid nursing homes!

I am reminded of the Northwest Airlines plane crash in Detroit in 1987 where the denizens of the ghetto descended on the carnage and striped the still smoldering body parts of watches, wallets, jewelry, and other possessions. It seems that 99 percent of decent human beings would react to such carnage with horror and trauma and try to find survivors (only a baby survived the crash). But, no, not these creatures who, in the midst of this enormous human tragedy and with a mentality that is completely alien to European and many other peoples, exhibit such reprehensible behavior.

Please understand, I am not saying that all African-Americans behave this way, but I do say there is quantitative and qualitative difference in behaviors among Euro-Americans and Afro-Americans. These differences exist no matter what the political or social structure of the communities in which they live. Similar behaviors can be found in London, in Paris, in Rio, and in countless other communities around the world. The overwhelmingly dark ghettos of Rio have an astounding murder rate of 6,000 per year. And, the once beautiful and safe city of Johannesburg (beautiful when administered by Europeans!) is now the crime capital city of the Earth.

Are we European-Americans hateful because we don’t want our communities to reflect the standards of New Orleans right now? Because we don’t want our daughters raped in the midst of crisis, our parents terrorized in nursing homes and hospitals? Because we who suffer loss of home, property and jobs and even the loss of loved ones from a natural disaster don’t want such terrible losses to be compounded by robbery, rape, assault and murder!

Such are the blessings of multiculturalism, the “enrichment” for which we are supposed to be so thankful, the blessings upon us offered by the media and the government establishment which have engineered this catastrophe of our communities and civilization.

One more note:

A number of news articles have stated that there are not enough Louisiana National Guard troops to assist the residents and stop the looting and carnage. In fact they have to bring them in from other states, from Ft. Hood for instance.

Why is this? Of course it is because so many of our Louisiana National Guard troops are being shot and maimed in the war for Israel in Iraq rather than being at home to provide the needs of our own American families in Louisiana.

And one final observation.

As you know, Israel has had the chutzpah to ask for about $250,000 dollars to compensate every illegal, land stealing Israeli settler of Gaza. And many American politicians, bribed by AIPAC, are going along with this insane demand. Do you think they will support with $250,000 every victim of Hurricane Katrina, those American men and women who committed no theft or crime and who suffered a terrible natural disaster?

When are the American and the other Europeans around the world people going to wake up to the fact that our very survival is at stake?

I will do my part to help wake up our people.

How about you?

For Our Heritage and Freedom!

David Duke

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