Bombs and Hurricanes: Our Struggle

Report from Eastern Europe
by David Duke

Monday, August 29, 2005

Well it has been an interesting two days. I have survived an attempted bombing against me, and my house and office are in the eye of a monster killer hurricane. It really scares me to think that years of work could be wiped away in just a few hours. To top it all off, my laptop is on the blink and I am dealing with an assortment of major and minor problems right now.

But, that’s what life is all about — struggle, never ending struggle. And now our people are in a struggle for their very survival. From that perspective my papers and history, my home, even my life and all the nuances and obstacles I face are so minor compared to the tragedy unfolding for our people.

Please know that the bombing attack and the almost constant threats I get as I travel around the world will never deter me from my task.

One person wrote to me a little while ago and said, “You reach thousands of people every day, many of them new to the Cause, you inspire our people around the world, you face the most vicious smears and personal attacks from our enemies, and you virtually lay your life on the line every time you appear somewhere to speak for our Cause. All this, and yet, there are still a few who sit around in their underwear and write poison pen letters and the most insane rumors about you. You have my unwavering support and my utter condemnation of the cowards who belittle your heroic efforts.”

I really appreciate those words but I am a lot more thankful that I am helping to bring so many people into our Cause, and I am especially pleased to know that many activists are involved in this struggle because of my work, as was mentioned in the interview I did today in Sweden.

Thanks for all the emails, letters, and calls of support that I received after the bombing attempt against me. I am fine, working hard, and preparing for a series of lectures to hundreds of students whom I think will be the future leaders of our Cause in Eastern Europe.

All the thanks I really need is to hear and to see the dedication of the fine young Swedish activist who was on my show today.

All the Best to Everyone,

For Our Heritage and Freedom!

David Duke