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Stalinist Court Finds James Fields Guilty of Murder Because Terrorists Tried to Kill Him & He Wanted to Live!

In my entire life I have never seen such an obvious injustice than the just released James Fields First Degree Murder Verdict. There was no evidence against him, it was all pure emotion and political bias not reason, not justice!

Every bit of evidence showed that he intended no harm to anyone, that he was viciously attacked and feared for his life. That he had no plan to drive into into crowd that he was trying to get home to his mom.

The evil of this verdict and the bias of the court is revealed by the fact that even after seeing crystal clear videos of Fields’ car under violent attack, that the Judge stated je could see no other motive but murder! Obviously, according to police experts he was going an outrageous 23 miles per hour when running into the back of another car after a Marxist was pointing an AR 15 at him and  mob was attacking his car with clubs! 

Of Course Mr. Stalinist Judge —  it couldn’t have been this kid was try to get away from the mob, the fact is that he put on the brake, the lights prove it before the crash. This verdict is an evil epitaph for freedom in America.

This Judge would be fit right in in the Stalinist Show trials of the Soviet Union. All of the fears of our fathers a few years ago have all come true, Justice has evaporated from the United States of America, God Help us ALL !

PostScript: I just saw photos of the Commies outside the kangaroo court room laughing and smiling. I have seen the kinds of pictures when I was researching the Russian archives with Solzhenitsyn. Yeah they were laughing when they saw people they disagreed with dragged off to torture and death, but eventually the ZioCommunists ate their own children as these traitors will be eaten by those they worship.