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New Dr. David Duke Video — The Insanity of Christian Zionism!

Israeli TV portrays Jesus Christ as gorilla puppet who is crucified by bikini-clad girl who speaks against assimilation with goys (Gentiles) and how Jesus is an enemy of the Jews.

The Insanity of Christian Zionism!

New Video exposes the “Christian” Zionists who support the Zionist murder, maiming, and ethnic cleansing of fellow Christians in Palestine!

With the support of major Jewish  media, “Christian” Zionists are now heavily influencing Christians to support anti-Christian Israel. In truth, Israel, Zionism and Judaism are about as anti-Christian as you can get. And it is really insane to think that so many Christians have been so bamboozled as to support the slaughter of their fellow Christians by anti-Christian Jews.

This video exposes Israel and Judaism for its real views on Christians and its crimes against Christians. It is a must watch.

Most people have at least a few family members or friends who have been inundated by Zionist propaganda to support Israel. It is hard discussing the matter with many of our loved ones. Well, this video will shock any Christian, and it will show anyone, no matter what his religious belief, the evils of Jewish extremism. So make sure your Christian loved-ones see this video!

This video, using extensive clips by and of Jews, has enough power to shake any apologist for Israel, Christian or non-Christian to their boots. Be sure TO WATCH ON YOU TUBE, not just embedded, so you can rate, comment and favorite.

Let’s get this video to the top of the charts and in a few hours I will release a re-edited version of The Zionist War on Freedom of Speech that should not be flagged for age restriction. We can piggy back these videos and between the two of them, we should go to the top of the video charts with your help .

So please, go to work and get this video out there!

Remember to Watch, rate, comment and favorite the video.


Dr. David Duke