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National Bugle Radio: Dr. Slattery Eyewitness report from Charlottesville with Mark Dankof analysis

Dr. Patrick Slattery and Pastor Mark Dankof talk about the events in Charlottesville and their impact on the political landscape. Dr. Slattery was in Charlottesville and provides a first hand account of what he saw. They discuss the fatal incident involving a car driven by James Alex Fields, just a few hundred yards from Dr. Slattery’s location. While the details of Fields’ actions are still mostly unknown, news of the incident has come to dominate what would otherwise have been a massive publicity disaster for the opponents of the “Unite the Right” rally. Rally organizers and participants were viciously attacked by organized hooligans, with one scheduled speaker facing possibly permanent blindness from the chemical agents widely used by Antifa and BLM militants. This is a great analysis of the events.

Outro song “Waiting on the Robert E. Lee” curtosy Dean Martin.

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For Dr. Slattery’s written report plus photos and video, please check https://davidduke.com/report-from-charlotte-behind-enemy-lines-reaching-levels-of-cuckoldry-that-shouldnt-even-be-possible/.