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Naftali Bennett: Time to annex parts of West Bank: Zio-Watch, December 3, 2015


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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Naftali Bennett: Time to annex parts of West Bank

Earlier this week, one of his party’s Knesset members, Yinon Magal, resigned amid allegations that he sexually assaulted several women who worked for him. Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly rebuked Bennett for apparently telling a group of settler leaders that he shot a proverbial “bullet between Bibi’s eyes” to thwart any discussion of unilateral Israeli withdrawals from the West Bank – a particularly poor choice of words given the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin 20 years ago last month.

So when Bennett came to New York this week for a whirlwind trip filled with TV interviews, meetings with American Jews and visits to Jewish schools (Bennett is both Israel’s minister of education and of Diaspora affairs), it must have seemed like a breath of fresh air.

I caught up with Bennett on Wednesday and we talked about why he believes Israel should annex the Ezion settlement bloc in the West Bank, why Reform and Conservative Jews should stick with Israel, and why he has shifted course away from the haredi Orthodox reforms he championed when he was first elected to the Knesset in 2013.
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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Trump says he will travel to Israel, meet Netanyahu ‘very soon’

(JTA) — Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said he would travel to Israel “very soon.”

Trump made the announcement at a rally Wednesday evening in Virginia, The New York Times reported.

“I love Israel, and Israel is our real strong supporter,” Trump said in answering an audience member who asked about his support for Israel. He added: “I’m going to Israel, and I’ll be meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, who’s a great guy.”

Trump’s campaign did not confirm to the Times that its candidate had a trip scheduled. But an adviser to Netanyahu told the newspaper that a meeting had been arranged, though he did not specify the date.
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From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Jeb Bush cites George W. as leading influence on Israel

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush cited his brother, former President George W. Bush, as the person he turns to most for guidance on the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Bush made the comment Thursday at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s candidates’ forum in Washington, D.C., in response to a question about the qualities he would look for in a secretary of state.

“And we all love him,” said the RJC official who posed the original question.

Bush, who had been described as “low energy” by the GOP front-runner, Donald Trump, barely an hour before, was anything but in his appearance at the forum.
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From PressTV

Fri Dec 4, 2015 6:4AM
A file picture taken on July 31, 2015 shows a person holding a picture of 18-month-old Palestinian toddler Ali Sa’ad Dawabsheh, who died when his family house was set on fire by illegal settlers in the occupied West Bank village of Duma. (Photo by AFP)
A file picture taken on July 31, 2015 shows a person holding a picture of 18-month-old Palestinian toddler Ali Sa’ad Dawabsheh, who died when his family house was set on fire by illegal settlers in the occupied West Bank village of Duma. (Photo by AFP)

The relatives of a Palestinian family whose three members were killed in an arson attack on their home by illegal Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank several months ago hold the Tel Aviv regime accountable for the deadly assault.

“The Israeli regime is the one who gave settlers a license to kill by giving them freedom to enter Palestinian villages,” Hussein Dawabsheh, the father of a woman named Riham, who succumbed to the severe burn injuries she sustained in the incident, said on Thursday.

“My message to the Tel Aviv regime is clear, which is not only to arrest settlers but to prevent any settlers assaulting Palestinians and entering Palestinian villages and towns,” he added.

“It would not be enough even if they (settlers) were sentenced to death. I will not be satisfied by any sentence as nothing will bring back the family that I lost,” Dawabsheh said.Click here for the full story

From Russia Today

Sweden mulls shutting bridge to Denmark amid refugee crisis

Published time: 4 Dec, 2015 05:28

The Oresund bridge © TT News Agency The Oresund bridge © TT News Agency / Reuters

The Swedish government is working on a bill that would allow it to close the Oresund Bridge connecting it to Denmark as an emergency measure, as Stockholm continues to struggle with an unending mass influx of refugees.

The proposal on the possible bridge closure is expected to be a part of a bill aimed at curbing the inflow of asylum seekers into the Nordic country of 9.6 million people. Sweden’s number of new refugees and migrants is approaching 200,000, which is twice as high as the previous annual record.

Apart from the potential bridge closure, a new set of measures also includes border controls as well as ID checks on buses, trains, and passenger ferries. Halting the bridge traffic is viewed as the most drastic measure, however, according to Swedish media.

The 8-kilometer-long bridge, which opened in 2000, connects the Danish capital of Copenhagen with Sweden’s third largest city Malmo and has been credited with boosting the economies of both countries by significantly reducing transportation expenses.

Being a combined road and rail bridge, it is a very busy transport route with 20,000 vehicles crossing it every day, and 7 million vehicles along with 12 million train passengers using it yearly, the Financial Times reports.
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From Russia Today

Study shows link between stupidity & bullsh*t

Published time: 3 Dec, 2015 17:21

© Michaela Rehle © Michaela Rehle / Reuters Scientific evidence has emerged that questioning more is a sign of intelligence.

Researchers at Canada’s University of Waterloo presented their new research paper “On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullsh*t”, which revealed that people who find statements like “rejuvenation is a constant, joy requires exploration” to be profound are less intelligent.

“Bullsh*t, in contrast to mere nonsense, is something that implies but does not contain adequate meaning or truth,” says research team leader Gordon Pennycook.

Through a series of five tests, Pennycook generated a number of statements using the New Age Bullsh*t Generator website as well as tweets from Deepak Chopra. Three hundred participants were then asked to rate their profoundness using the “Bullsh*t Receptivity (BSR) scale.”Click here for the full story