Mark Glenn discusses the bloody history of Zionism

Wars and Rumors of Wars

By Mark Glenn

‘Israel on high alert as end of Mughniyeh mourning period draws near…’

‘Rabbis call on Jews to avenge yeshiva killings…’

‘Israeli attack on Syria possible…’

‘Israel threatens Lebanon with war…’

‘Israel, U.S. commanders test ‘extreme’ scenarios in joint drill…’

‘Israel to hold massive emergency drill…’

‘Israeli warship violates Lebanese waters…’

‘Israeli fighters violate Lebanese airspace…’

To any average person, the above headlines seem like business as usual in the Middle East, as there has never been a period since 1948 where the once Holy Land was not a cauldron of violence and conflict. To those who understand the deeper reasons behind the recent (and not so recent) bloody history however–meaning Israel’s seeming addiction to the shedding of blood–what it indicates is that there’s more to all of this recent business than merely noise. The fact is, Israel’s war party is planning a hell of a bash, big enough to die for, and not just in the thousands but possibly in the millions.

No one should be particularly surprised, as war, theft and conquest have always been inextricably woven into the fabric of Israel’s character. And not just since the 20th century when former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan said ‘…Above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries, so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire space…” but indeed going ‘all the way back to the beginning,’ as they say. One first encounters this fact when reading in the Old Testament where Jacob (‘the deceiver’ who defrauded his brother Esau out of his inheritance) is renamed ‘Israel,’ the meaning of which given in the book of Genesis is ‘He who fights against God and man.’ Not long afterwards are the plagues and the slaughter of the first-born in Egypt, followed by the Israelite invasion of the Levant and the destruction of the various indigenous peoples there, including (but not limited to) the Amalekites, Canaanites and Philistines. It is also most likely not mere coincidence (based upon which particular spelling used–Israil, Izrael or Azrail) that it is also happens to be the name given to the angel of death.

More practical and down to earth though there is the history of the last 60 years proving beyond any reasonable doubt that Israel cannot exist without war. Her entire 20th (and now 21st) century history–rather than revolving around plowshares, peace and productivity has instead been wrapped up in her old bad habits of conflict, conquest and theft. Theodore Herzl, considered the founding father of the Jewish state remarked gloatingly on the issue of strife between Jew and gentile when he wrote in his diary “The anti-Semites will become our most loyal friends…the anti-Semitic nations will become our allies.”

In short, warfare–in all its forms–is and always has been the glue holding the Jewish state together. It is its reason for being and the foundation upon which it is built. It is the ‘us vs. them’ mentality, the ceaseless sparring between chosen and non-chosen that forces the ‘most persecuted group in human history’ to huddle-in closely and achieve what would otherwise be impossible amongst such an organically-fractured group–cohesiveness and singularity of purpose.

This being the case, war is–for lack of better word–a ‘necessary’ evil when it comes to the health of the Jewish state. It is the fuel that feeds the beast and keeps it alive and without it the great experiment in Jewish self-rule would disintegrate in short order. In a recent interview on the Republic Broadcasting Network, (www.republicbroadcasting,org) former Israeli nuclear technician turned anti-Zionist apostle of peace Mordechai Vanunu laid it out in the clearest of terms–Israel MUST have war at least every ten years (or thereabouts) in order to bring the myriad of Jewish factions together. Without war the Jewish state would be rudderless and without purpose.

And a quick look at the wars of last century proves Vanunu to be right–1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, the war in Lebanon in the 1980’s, etc. More so, what this list shows is that Israel is long overdue for her regular feeding, and like all spoiled, petulant, undisciplined children who haven’t had their regular snack between meals, she is irrational, grouchy, and willing to ingest just about anything in order to fill that void within her. Making matters worse is the fact that in the summer of 2006, when she tried getting her fix by launching a war against Lebanon she was run out with her tail between her legs. For nearly a month the world watched in awe–first at the photos of those ‘nice Jewish girls’ autographing warheads before they were launched on for-the-most-part Christian villages with messages such as ‘From Israel, with Love,’ followed by the photos of Israeli soldiers weeping in defeat like whipped children. Following this was the scathing Winograd report recently released that all but declared Israel and her 1st rate military to have been defeated by a guerilla force led by one swarthy, bearded Muslim cleric named Hassan Nasrallah.

With this in mind then, all circumstantial evidence today indicates that in her desperation and hunger for strife she is setting the stage for a whopper of a war buffet, one that will include Lebanon, Syria and Iran. And as is typical with Israel’s history of warmongering, she is setting the stage so that it appears her enemies threw the first punch against an innocent/minding-their-own-business/pure-as-the-wind driven-snow nation of peace-loving people when in actuality the enemies of the Jewish state will only have struck back against her initial blows.

Besides all the pro-war rhetoric coming out of the Jewish state for the last few years, in September there were the air-to-ground missile attacks against Syria, said to have targeted a nuclear weapons production facility. Not long after was the blockading of Gaza and the interdiction of the most basic staples for life desperately needed in what is now the world’s largest concentration camp lasting several months. Contraband items included food, fuel, medicine, clothing, even paper and books for school children. No fuel means no running electrical generators which means no running water and no sewage treatment. As a result, sewage was literally running down the street and into people’s homes. No electricity also meant no water treatment which led to scores of water-born sicknesses. Dozens of people needing medical treatment were denied entry out of Gaza even to go to the West Bank and as a result over 100 deaths from lack of proper medical care resulted, ranging from the very young to the very old.

Of course, all this was done merely to enflame resistance elements in Gaza as a precursor to the launching of the ‘deadly’ Qassam rockets (as they are dramatically described in the Zionist media) into Israel that have to date resulted in 12 deaths over the course of 12 years. Once the rockets started flying, Israel had her casus belli and announced that a holocaust was on the way for Gaza which she gladly delivered, killing over 160 people, most of whom were innocent women and children.

Change locations now to Syria, (high on Israel’s hit list) where in early February high-ranking Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyeh is assassinated in Damascus. Israel officially does not claim responsibility but through her various media outlets makes it clear that indeed she did the deed. Hezbollah vows revenge and threatens to take the war outside Israel’s boundary. Israel’s response is all-too predictable, given what she really wants–that any attack by Hezbollah will result in total war against Lebanon and Syria. A few weeks later, a ‘lone gunman’ enters a Jerusalem yeshiva and opens fire, killing 8 Jews. Immediately Israel links the assassin to Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Syria. Warnings are issued in Israel that the world should prepare to see something spectacular take place after the 40-day period of mourning Islamic militants traditionally observe before taking revenge. The end of the mourning period just so happens to land on the very same weekend as Jews worldwide begin the celebration of Purim, where they commemorate in drunken lawlessness the slaughter of 75,000 innocent Persian (re, Iranian) civilians at the hands of Jewish thugs thousands of years ago while munching on pastries made in the shape of a human ear, said to be that of Haman, an enemy of the Jews.

Of course, what will make this next bloodfest different from others in Israel’s history is that now she has fancy new toys and powerful new friends she never had before, meaning the military might and political cooperation (subservience) of a United States of America willing to bow to her every demand. Israel wanted Iraq destroyed, and it was destroyed with no questions asked. Israel wants Iran destroyed, and the recovering alcoholic-turned-born again apocalyptic Christian President drools like a rabid dog over the prospect of proving his moxie to his masters in Tel Aviv, and even when his own military men and intelligence agencies are promising unprecedented disaster in its wake. As of this moment 4 US carrier groups are sitting right off the coast of Iran, and the one man who stood in the way of an attack on Iran, Admiral William Fox Fallon, ‘resigned’ after pressure was put on the Bush White House to remove him. Besides the 4 carrier groups, A US strike group has moved off the coast of Lebanon and the anti-missile destroyer USS San Jacinta stands at the ready–cocked and locked–in the Israeli port of Haifa. George Bush on his most recent visit to the Jewish state promised US military support if Israel is attacked and Vice President Dick Cheney also made sure to echo those promises in the unlikely event that Israel happened to forget.

Indeed, what the sum total of these (and many other pieces of information) seem to indicate is that the very Armageddon for which unstable Christian Zionists wait in anticipation may indeed be closer to fruition than some imagine. As the book of Revelations (the very same book used as a road map by these same war-hungry Christians in guiding them through these dangerous days) prophesizes, ‘Men cry ‘peace, peace, but there is no peace’. Oh if only these same Christians paid better mind to the fact that one of the clues revealing the identity of the ravaging beast described in the end-times book is said to be the name of a man, and that name more than likely is ‘Israel,’ meaning ‘he who wars against man and God’.