It's a Big day for Freedom of Speech tomorrow as Marc Lemire & friends get set to put the Zionist Network on the run – lets hope history will be made!

After a six year investigation the CHRC could not find a SINGLE word I have written which violates Section 13

From Marc Lemire

Over the past few months my reputation has been under constant assault by those seeking to uphold Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and censorship. Their game is to try to destroy me and my reputation in hopes I’ll just fade away and their precious censorship law can be used to muzzle others like Macleans Magazine, Catholic Insight and the Christian Heritage Party (just to name a few…).

The more I expose the CHRC and their dirty tricks, the more defamatory comments are directed towards me. Most of the time by un-named organized internet smear artists, at others times by political spin ‘sellas (who post fake pictures of me), and now sadly by Canada’s National Post newspaper. The article written by Joe Brean, who called me last Thursday and interviewed me for over 30 minutes, wrote that I am “one of Canada’s most prominent white supremacist propagandists” and a “prominent distributor of white supremacist propaganda.” These are both outright lies. And true to the National Posts style, no fact checker ever called and I was never given any opportunity to respond to allegations. [see update below also]

It’s understandable why the mainstream media wants to do it. They want a good guy / bad guy dichotomy. To describe me as what I am – a guy who served his country as a Canadian Forces medic, and now certified computer expert who ran a website critical of immigration and the CHRC, wouldn’t sell that many papers. Instead the media wants to build me into something I am not and never have been. To them I guess it’s all about the almighty dollar. Trashing the reputation of little people who do not have armies of lawyers at the ready. They act just like the CHRC, attacking those that don’t have the ability to fight back, with the exception the National Post hasn’t planted evidence on my website to later drag me through a 5 year legal battle.

As the Canadian Human Rights Commission has learned, I am not one to simply roll over and be stream rolled by their goddamn bulldozer of repression. I will fight back and I will WIN. One at a time I have brought out the most amazing and startling evidence. From the complainant in my case – Richard Warman and shocking internet postings to CHRC operatives trying to set me up while my case was before the Tribunal. While others in the media and Blogosphere want to take my professional research and run with it as though it was theirs without ever giving me any credit. (…Full Article)


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