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Marine Le Pen Learns the Gert Wilders ZioLesson

Duke CommentaryMust this lesson be repeated again and again in the history of the West? There can be no renewal in France, no salvation for the heritage and freedom for the French people or the German people, or the English people, the American people or also for the Palestinian people or the Syrian people or for that matter any people on earth until the the sick and evil power of the Jewish extremists is broken. As long as they control the disproportionately-influenced Ziomedia, ZioGoverment, and ZioBanks there can be no survival for European mankind or for that matter the sovereignty of any people on earth!

Just like Gert Wilders in the Netherlands, it seems that France’s Marine le Pen is learning the hard way that no matter how much she bows and scrapes before Jewish Supremacists, they still hate her and any attempt to preserve Europe.

According to an article in the European Jewish Press, a lunch meeting between Le Pen and a Jewish journalist who claims to be preparing a “TV report on the extreme right” has caused “anger” among Jewish organizations—just because a Jew has actually spoken to the Front national leader.

Apparently Le Pen met one Alexander Zanzer, one of the founders and responsible editor of Jewish News One (JN1), the Jewish multilingual TV channel launched last year by the European Jewish Union (EJU).

The meeting took the form of a lunch in a kosher restaurant of the EU quarter in Brussels, and was revealed by ‘Joods Actueel’, a Jewish publication in Antwerp, which said the encounter “aroused resentment from Jewish organizations.”

Zanger continued by explaining in detail why he had met with Le Pen, saying that she had “made comments which are of interest for the Jews when she stated that her party has been renewed since she took over the leadership from her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, and that anyone within the party who negates the Holocaust would be automatically excluded with great fanfare.”

Honorary president of an amalgamation of Jewish organizations in Beligum the “Forum der Joodse Organisaties”, Elie Ringer said it was “highly inappropriate” for someone who has executive duties in an important  Jewish  organization” to dine with Marine Le Pen whose party, he said, draws a “sickening ideology.”

This “sickening ideology” is, of course, only a desire to stop France losing its national identity, but that is apparently too awful for Ringer and his fellow Jewish Supremacists.

Ringer’s comments were endorsed by Julien Klener, president of the Jewish Consistory of Belgium, who said the meeting was “politically very shocking when one knows the National Front party and the (anti-Semitic) statements made by the father of its current president who never distanced himself from such reprehensible comments.”

The lesson is clear: despite Le Pen’s best efforts to ingratiate herself with the Jewish Supremacists, the hate they have towards any party, person or movement that seeks to preserve non-Jewish human diversity is unbounded and unending.

Le Pen’s lesson in the nature of Jewish Supremacism is one which needs to be understood and learned by all.