Jews in Both Parties Ensure Pro-Israel Policies, Admits Leading Jewish Supremacist

Jewish supremacists actively working inside both the Republican and Democratic parties have ensured that any opposition to Israel’s policies is always crushed, leading Jewish Supremacist Alan Dershovitz has admitted.

Writing in an article in the Jerusalem Post, Dershovitz said that the “Jewish, pro-Israel Democratic vote” helped ensure Obama’s victory in Florida, Ohio “and even Virginia,” and that this was “good for Israel.”

He went on to write: “Today, Jews vote for both parties. Nobody is ignoring us. Every rational candidate knows that they and their party must earn our votes in every election.

“Most Jews care deeply about Israel’s security – as distinguished from Israel’s settlement policies. They also care deeply about social and economic issues. It is critically important that support for Israel’s security remains a bipartisan issue, and never becomes a wedge issue.”

Referring to an attempt at the recent Democratic Convention when the Democratic Party changed their platform to include a positive reference to Jerusalem, Dershovitz boasted that “I, and other Jewish Democrats, helped to get that change made, just as we repeatedly helped to marginalize those anti-Israel elements within the Democratic Party.

“The fact that those anti-Israel Democrats are trying to use their influence against Israel is a good reason why Jewish Democratic supporters of Israel must remain within the Democratic Party to keep fighting the good fight, just as Jewish Republican supporters of Israel fought the good fight against Patrick Buchanan and other right wing Israel-bashers within the Republican Party.”

In other words, Dershovitz is saying, no matter what other issues might come to the fore, Israel’s interests must always come first and Jews in both parties are actively organized to promote their own tribal interests above everything else.

No matter how racist Israel’s laws may be (such as outlawing marriage between Jews and non-Jews, or expelling Africans “because they are a demographic threat”, or even barring women from praying at the Wailing Wall), Jews support Israel, endorsing policies that they would be the first to oppose should anyone try to implement any of those policies in America or anywhere else.

Such is the hypocritical nature of Jewish Supremacy—one set of rules for Jews in Israel, another set of rules for all other nations. Jews are allowed to preserve their homogeneity and ethnic purity in their own land, but woe betide any other people who try to do the same: the full wrath of the Jewish Supremacists will be brought to bear.