Listen to this Powerful Motivational Radio Show by Dr Duke!


“This talk must rank as one of the most powerful personal motivational broadcasts yet” is how one listener described  said one listener after hearing the latest Dr David Duke radio show on the Rense Radio Network.

The show, which you can listen to on the playback link here, dealt with a wide landscape of ideas, including the realities of the world and the expression of wonderful thoughts about living a happier and more fulfilling life.

All this can be done, Dr Duke said, while at the same time fulfilling your responsibility to your people and your world!

Dr Duke also quoted a wonderful poem by Norwegian nature poet and author Knut Hamsun, called In One Hundred Years (Om Hundrede Aar Er Alting Glemt), which deals with the importance of living for the here and now and understanding one’s place and purpose in the Cosmos.

The original beautiful Norwegian for Knut Hamsun’s poem is the video below, and the English translation follows.

Enjoy and share this wonderful show!

In One Hundred Years

I`m drifting tonight, thinking and striding,

I think I am like a capsized boat,

and all that I moan and all that I suffer,

I can`t find any remedy.

But why should I have it so hard

In a hundred years everything is forgotten.

Then I`ll rather skip around and sing a song,

and consider my life a beautiful novel.

I eat with God like a full-grown giant

And drink like the devil himself.

But why should I mess around so much?

In a hundred years everything is forgotten.

Then I`ll really rather stop fighting,

and walk into the ocean with my suffering soul.

There the world will probably find me some time later,

so bitterly drowned.

But why should I end in such a hard way?

In a hundred years everything is forgotten.

Oh no, it is better to wander and live,

and write a book for each coming Christmas

and ascend to a count of song

and die like a mogul of novel

Then it is only this that makes me gloomy:

In a hundred years everything is forgotten.