The Kosher Food Racket: The Hidden Jewish Tax on Your Food!

is-it-kosherEven though Jews constitute around two percent of America’s population, the rest of the country is forced to pay a special levy on almost all food and grocery products just to please the Orthodox Jewish community, in a swindle which even Jews themselves have described as the “kosher food racket.”

Astonishingly, very few Americans even know about the extent of this Orthodox Jewish swindle, or even how it works.

Most people know of, or have heard of, “kosher food.” This is supposed to be food which, in the case of livestock, is slaughtered in such a way as to be “holy” (but which is actually highly inhumane and involved slitting an animal’s throat and letting it painfully bleed to death while a rabbi prays over it).

This “kosher food” is therefore passed off as something which only affects Jews, and Orthodox Jews at that, as some sort of peculiar but benign religious practice.

In reality, “kosher” food is far more than just slaughtered animals, and covers almost any sort of grocery item.

The racket works like this: in order for a grocery product to be certified as “kosher”, it must carry a little “U” inside a circle, called a “Kosher Logo,” somewhere on its packaging, which looks like this:


This symbol is issued by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (the “Orthodox Union”) which is the sole and exclusive owner of the OU “Kosher Logo.”

In order to use this symbol, a product manufacturer must apply to the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America for certification—to “ensure” that their manufacturing process is “Kosher” and meets all the Jewish dietary standards.

This is where the catch comes in: the product manufacturer must pay the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America a fee for this certification process—and this “fee” is then added to the product’s cost—which is then passed on to the consumer.

Thus, non-Jews who buy these products—and they range from things such as coca-cola to toothpaste, and more—are forced to pay extra to cater the demands of Orthodox Jews, even in areas where there are few or no Jews.


The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America has a special website set up through which companies can apply for kosher certification. Called “OUKOSHER”, this site reveals exactly how big the kosher food swindle is:

“Most Americans eat some kosher food every day, but chances are they’re not aware of it. Take a walk down the aisle of any supermarket and you will see that the OU kosher symbol appears on over 60% of America’s kosher certified foods, from the coveted Oreo to the thirst-quenching Coca-Cola. Over $150 billion of kosher certified products are consumed annually, and spending continues to rise dramatically.

“The OU Kosher Logo logo has become an increasingly important marketing device, which generates additional revenues by expanding the size of the market. OU Kosher Logo Certification gives a product a competitive edge that makes it sell faster, thus causing supermarkets to favor brands with certification. That also means that OU Kosher Logo certification can lead to an increase in a company’s private label business.

“There is clear evidence that a kosher symbol boosts market share, that a kosher product can win more favorable shelf space, and that when positioned next to a competing non-kosher brand, a kosher product will do better by 20%. This data has remained constant even in smaller cities, far from city with heavy concentrations of kosher Jews. (Source: Integrated Marketing Communications.)”

The “Kosher Food” website even has a “product search” facility, which allows visitors to look over which grocery items are kosher or not.

The costs of this process are, as mentioned earlier, passed directly onto the consumer. As long ago as 1959, a Jewish newsletter described it as a “Kosher Racket” and said that the “business” of certification has already become one of the “big business rackets in the United States and is threatening to assume gigantic proportions.” (The Jewish Newsletter, William Zuckerman, editor, June 1, 1959).


Confirmation that the Kosher food racket actually drives up the price of food for all consumers has also come with an article in the Haaretz newspaper of April 27, 2014.


The article, titled “Ministries urge Rabbinate to relax kashrut control of food imports” discusses the fact that the rabbinate in Israel have a rule in place which forces food importers to undergo kosher certification even if the product is already certified as kosher in its country of origin.

The Haaretz article says that “The kashrut inspection requirements for the importation of hard cheese increases the cost of the cheese to the Israeli consumer by some 35%, Israeli cheese importers say.”

In other words, the increased price consumers are forced to pay for food being produced to “kosher” requirements can be as high as 35% more than without that certification—and that is in Israel!

The “Kosher food racket” has become, in the words of William Zuckerman, one of the biggest swindles in America today.

Below: A video, filmed in secret, which reveals the barbarity of kosher slaughter: THIS is what American consumers are forced to pay for!

Caution: this video is not for the squeamish or soft of heart. It is horrific and chilling to any person who loves animals. But, sometimes people need to see the reality which is hidden in order to motivate them to stop this truly inhuman practice of the Jewish extremists.