If Judaism is “Just a Religion,” Why Does an Atheist want to be the “First Jewish Prime Minister of Britain” ?

The announcement by Ed Miliband, the leader of the UK’s Labour Party that he wishes to be the “first Jewish Prime Minister of Britain”—even though he is a self-declared atheist—has once again highlighted the reality that Judaism is not “just a religion” but has a deep-rooted ethnic, and even racial basis.

Ed Miliband

Miliband’s announcement—made, of course, in Israel while on a recent visit there—said: “Someone asked me if I thought it was a disadvantage, that people would be less likely to vote for me because I’m Jewish, and I said absolutely not. I have said I hope that I’ll be the first Jewish prime minister if we win the election.”

He went in to describe himself as a “Jewish atheist who does not believe in God but believes his heritage is important.” While in Israel, Miliband also visited members of his extended family who live in the Jews-only state.

The issues which his comments raise cut to the core of the question: Is Judaism a religion, or an ethnic and racial identity? How are “Jews” defined—and how do Zionist Supremacists decide who is a Jew who can qualify for entrance into the state of Israel?

athiest-jews-300x217Apart from the fact that Miliband’s historical knowledge is incorrect—in fact, the 19th Century Benjamin Disraeli was Britain’s first Jewish Prime Minister—why would a self-declared atheist seek to describe his as not only a Jew, but also a “Jewish atheist”?

Has the reader ever heard anyone describe themselves as a “Christian atheist” or a “Muslim atheist”?

Implicit in Miliband’s comments are that there is something much deeper to Judaism than just following a certain set of religious values.

And in fact, the massive weight of historical and more recent DNA evidence backs up Miliband’s assertion, as can be seen here.

Most recently, an overtly Jewish-looking geneticist, Eran Elhaik, has produced a study which purports to “prove” that Ashkenazim Jews have ancestral signatures point to the Caucasus and also, but to a smaller degree, the Middle East.

Therefore, Elhaik has concluded, Ashkenazim Jews are not “real” Jews and there is truth to the claim by Jewish Communist author Arthur Koestler and others to the effect that Ashkenazim Jews are non-Semitic converts to Judaism.

This theory, known as the “Khazar hypothesis” has taken firm root among leftist Jews and even those who are opposed to Jewish Supremacy, even though Elhaik’s evidence was questioned almost immediately when it came out.

The researchers here at Davidduke.com will in the near future be publishing a full review of the entire question which, we believe, will settle the matter and reveal the truth: namely that Jews have a common Middle Eastern origin, and that the only point of difference between Ashkenazim and Sephardic Jewry is that the former have, on average, absorbed about 30 percent European genes during their sojourn in Eastern and Central Europe—and that there is no factual basis for the “Khazar theory.”