Jewish Supremacists Demand Segregated Dining at Harvard

harvardIn complete contrast to the supposed “anti-segregationist” stance of Jews when it comes to the rest of America, Jewish Supremacists at Harvard university demanded segregated dining facilities to cater for their peculiar dietary restrictions—while using funds provided by ALL students to pay for it.

The blatant display of Jewish Supremacist was revealed in The Crimson, an online journal from Harvard, titled “HUDS Restricts Access to Hillel.”

According to that article, to “offset an operating budget deficit, Harvard University Dining Services has implemented a dining restriction at Harvard Hillel that will curb the number of non-Jewish students eating at the kosher dining hall.”

A sign went up at the entrance of the dining hall, limiting admittance to only those who are “a member or an invited guest of Harvard’s diverse Jewish community.”

Preparing kosher meals at Hillel costs twice as much as preparing other meals in House dining halls—and funding for it is taken, like all other dining facilities at Harvard, from conventional sources of income, including student fees.

The article quoted a Jewish student, one Alex J. Lopatin, “who keeps kosher” as saying that that the restriction would “ensure that [kosher food] is not raided by people who have no interest in being a part of or learning about the Jewish community.”

The blatant display of Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy was too much for other students, and resultant uproar forced the removal of the ‘Jews only’ sign and its replacement with one asking diners to be “mindful of the purpose of this dining hall” and only to eat there if it “meets your dietary requirements.”

Jewish students make up 25 percent of the student body—already well over represented according to their population numbers—but the latest bit of chutzpah is incredible, even by Jewish extremist standards.

For decades, Jewish Supremacists have been at the forefront of demanding desegregation at dining facilities (remember the ‘Freedom Riders’) but now demand segregated facilities for themselves, while insisting that non-Jews pay for these Jews-only dining facilities!