Brave Anti-Zionist & Defender of Human Rights, Doug Christie, Passes at 66

Christiefotosm1-1It greatly saddens my heart to tell you who have not yet heard the news, that my long time friend and legal defender, and friend, Doug Christie, died on March 11, 2013.

Attorney Douglas Christie was truly a great man because he stood up courageously against a powerful, unscrupulous foe.  At great cost to himself, his family and his career, he fought to the very end of his life for true human rights and human freedom.

I first met him in the mid-seventies when he fought hard for my right to speak in Canada, and since that time he has defended many anti-Zionist patriots from attempts by the Jewish extremists to imprison them for their non-violent opinions and conscience. Over the years,  Ernst Zundel and many others relied on his untiring efforts for true freedom. Many times he worked tirelessly, facing harassment,  and even physical threats and attacks to help secure the freedom for those who dared to expose the greatest threat to the freedom of Canadians and all mankind: the Zio supremacists.

I must tell you that my visits with Doug will always remain in my memory as some the high points of my life. He was a man gracious, unselfish, humorous, kind, and absolutely fearless in the face of bestial foe.

He pointed out eloquently that the government officials who seek to kidnap men and women from their families and imprison them for years simply for expressing their non-violent opinions — are the true violators of human rights. It is they who should be in prison not the man who simply speaks his conscience.

The fact that in the European world men and women are being sent to prison, often for years for exercising their inherent human right of free speech and free conscience, is a stain on all of the European people. Doug Christie sacrificed much of his own time and freedom and money to fight for those who had no means to defend themselves before the tyrannical foe.

I am sad to think that he is no longer with us.

But he will remain in our memories and our hearts. He will live on in the work we will do and he will always be an inspiration to those of us devoted to this struggle.

I know that he rests in peace, for no man has given more of his himself, of his life to his people!

May the memory of Doug Christie inspire you for all your days as he inspires me.

Christie stood strong at the sharpest peaks fighting for Human Rights

He faced the tempest, the demons of repression and hate

Their lightning bolts could not deter him

And his words of truth rang out like thunder in return

They shook the enemy, and shook many of our kindred from their sleep

His work is done and now he passes on to Valhalla’s rest

But his spirit with us we shall always keep!

Dr. David Duke