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Jewish Supremacist Mass Media Bias Blatant in Jerusalem Attack Coverage

Anyone who had any doubts about the ability of Jewish Supremacists to control the discourse in the mass media directed at Gentiles will have had the scales fall from their eyes over the coverage given the recent attack in Jerusalem.

Every decent person condemns this violence in Jerusalem. But you must ask yourself why is murder of Jews in Jerusalem by two extremists universally condemned while the Jewish State kills thousands, including men, women and children in Gaza, and leaders such as Obama and Kerry do not condemn Israel for this horrific terrorism. Why are the pictures of the attack in Jerusalem on the front pages of newspapers around the world and the lead story in countless broadcasts? Why was the murder of the four little Palestinian children (shown below) in Gaza not given the same kind of coverage?

bloodiest-day-yet-in-gaza-1353273493-7956Why was the murder of these kids by massive Israeli terrorism not condemned by world leaders. Why was the before and after pictures of Mosques and the people inside them blown to hell by Israeli bombs not condemned by the Zio Media?

Of course, there is only one feasible answer to this question: It is simply because the Zionists have an iron grip over the politics and media of the Western World. That is why there is no balance. That is why the 60 years of horrific crimes of Israel go unanswered and unpunished.!

A Google news search, for example, of the attack in Jerusalem revealed well over 5,000 articles on the attack, which has dominated the front pages of newspapers and TV stations all over the Western world.

The attack happened in a Synagogue where some of its infamous leaders called for genocide of Palestinian men, and children. The four children seen below were not accorded one-thousandth of the coverage accorded the adult Jewish victims in Jerusalem. No leaders around the world condemned the attacks.

Just a few short months ago over a thousand children as shown below were murdered by Israeli terrorism in Gaza, and thousands more maimed and wounded.

synaggue attack jerusalem picture of yosefgenocide webThe headlines of these articles reveal the blatant one-sidedness of the coverage:

“Israel Shaken by 5 Deaths in Synagogue Assault” —New York Times

“Jewish Victims, All From One Jerusalem Street, Were a Congregation’s ‘Wise Men’” —New York Times

“Jerusalem synagogue axe attack kills four”—The Telegraph.

“Jerusalem synagogue attack puts Israel close to brink”—The Guardian.

“Armed Men Launch Attack On Jerusalem Synagogue, Killing At Least 4”—Huffington Post.

“Jihad in Jerusalem”—Wall Street Journal.

“Israel Vows Harsh Response to Synagogue Attack”—ABC News.

“Three Americans Among Four Rabbis ‘Slaughtered’ in Jerusalem Synagogue”—NBC News.

 “Canadian-Israeli Howie Chaim Rothman seriously hurt in deadly attack on synagogue” —CBC.

“Jerusalem Synagogue Victim Descended From Storied Dynasty of Hasidic World”—New York Times.

“Jerusalem Synagogue Attack Leaves at Least Four Dead”—NBC News.

“Palestinians celebrate ‘lone-wolf’ attack on Jerusalem synagogue”—Fox News

“Death toll climbs to 5 as Israel vows response to synagogue attack”—Los Angeles Times.

“Israel to destroy Jerusalem synagogue killers’ homes”—CBS News.

“Tel Aviv Diary: Barbaric Attack in Jerusalem Echoes the Barbarity of ISIS”—Newsweek.

And so on.


The objective observer will see that this barrage of media coverage will tell its readers all about the victims, and how terrible the perpetrators are.


Without in any way justifying this terrible act—as we here at have repeatedly said, we condemn all bloodshed from any side—the difference in media coverage between atrocities committed by Jewish Supremacists and Palestinian extremists is blatant.

For example, the Jewish Supremacist-dominated media will ensure that everyone knows the names and the intimate details of the Jewish victims of the Jerusalem attack—but they will completely ignore the equaly awful personal tragedies of the over 5,000 men, women and children killed by the Zionist state during the recent “Operation Protective Edge” campaign in Gaza.

Objective observers will ask themselves this question: where are the personal stories of the Palestinian children killed by Israeli phosphorus bombs and depleted uranium shells?

Don't expect to hear the "personal story" of this Palestinian child killed by Zionist terrorists. In fact, you won't even know the child's name.
Don’t expect to hear the “personal story” of this Palestinian child killed by Zionist terrorists. In fact, you won’t even know the child’s name.

Where are the stories about the “wise men” of Palestine killed when American-supplied Israeli helicopters missile bombed Christian Palestinian churches and Muslim mosques?

Where are cries for revenge when American-supplied Israeli jets and rockets bombed United Nations hospitals and ambulances?

Bombed ambulances in Gaza.
Bombed ambulances in Gaza.

There are, of course none. The Jewish Supremacist media controllers will ensure that the “news” services provided for the non-Jewish world are flooded with pro-Israeli and anti-Palestinian stories.

You will hear all about “Jewish victims” and “Palestinian terrorists”—but you will never heard about “Palestinian victims” and “Israeli terrorists.”

How do they achieve this media control? For it is so that not every media outlet is under their direct control—although the major ones are.

This web of media control is not absolute, but part of the secret of the Jewish Supremacist success is their ability to place their conscious agents into major networks (such as Wolf Blitzer in CNN) and in important news syndication services—such as Reuters, or Associated Press.

These conscious agents prepare pro-Israeli pieces, which are then distributed as “news” to all subscribing media outlets—who then reprint it as “reports.”

In this way, a handful of Jewish Supremacists, working to a strictly controlled agenda, can create a wave of pro-Israeli propaganda in the media at large.

In addition to this, the power of Jewish Supremacist businesses refusing to take out advertising in media outlets which do not “toe the line” is another factor in ensuring media control over potentially wayward publications.

Do not therefore, expect any genuinely objective media coverage of Israel’s decades-long suppression, terrorism, violence and murderous campaign against the Palestinians.

Imagine if a Palestinian had posted up this on Twitter... the world's media would be screaming "incitement."  But a Jewish Supremacist can do it, and no-one will even know...
Imagine if a Palestinian had posted up this on Twitter… the world’s media would be screaming “incitement.” But a Jewish Supremacist can do it, and no-one will even know…

Expect rather a media full of stories of how “innocent Jews” have been attacked by “Palestinian terrorists”—and never expect any detailed explanation of the outrageous Jewish Supremacist behavior which drives some Palestinians to commit revenge attacks upon their oppressors.

As a finale example of how Jewish Supremacist media manipulation works, consider this graph from the website, which shows the number of Palestinian children killed by Israel since September 29, 2000—and the number of Israeli children killed by Palestinians in the same period:


From this it will be seen that while 132 Israeli children have been killed, some 2,053 Palestinian children have been killed in the same period.

A figure like this shows clearly who the real terrorists are: the Zionist fanatics and their Jewish Supremacist brethren in the mass media and in Washington D.C.—and that the Palestinians are actually the victims of Jewish Supremacism.