Jewish Supremacist Hysteria Increases over Hagel Nomination

Chuck_Hagel_official_photoThe Jewish Supremacist clique, which controls the U.S. media, is now working overtime to try and halt the appointment of Chuck Hagel as  Secretary of Defense—just because he dared to say ten years ago that the “Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people.”

A Google News search on the topic today produced no less than 571 articles dealing with the topic, a sure indication of the Jewish Supremacists’ agitation over the matter.

Topping the list was former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s admission that the words “Jewish Lobby” is a “term which slips out from time to time.”

Powell said that “Chuck should have said Israeli lobby, and not Jewish lobby, and perhaps he needs to write on a blackboard 100 times, ‘It is the Israeli lobby.’ But there is an Israeli lobby. There are people who are very supportive of the state of Israel. I’m very supportive of the state of Israel. So is Senator Hagel, and you’ll see that in the confirmation hearings.”

The Jewish Alegmeiner newspaper published an article by New York-based Jewish Supremacist David Meyers (who previously worked in the West Wing of the White House, and was later a speechwriter in the United States Senate) saying that Hagel’s nomination was a message that Iran had “an anti-Israel ally in the president’s war cabinet.”

This is, of course, complete fiction. The Obama administration is firmly under the thumb of the Jewish Supremacists and the Jewish lobby—all that has happened is that one of their tame Goyim has got a bit ahead of himself and dared to mention the truth in an outburst a decade ago.

Doubtless we will see the craven apology and boot-licking taking place during the upcoming nomination hearings, where Hagel and Obama will make the obligatory bowing down to their masters in Tel Aviv for permission to proceed with the appointment of the government of the United States of America.