Israeli Elections Provide Insight into How Jewish Supremacists Regard “Converts”

A television advertisement by one of the parties contesting the upcoming (22nd Jan.) Israeli election has provided yet another insight into how Jewish Supremacists regard non-Jews, and Europeans in particular.

The advertisement, which can be seen in full below, was made by the Shas religious party, and features an obviously racially Jewish family celebrating at a wedding where one of their number is about to marry an exceptionally beautiful tall blond Russian woman.


The blond, Russian-speaking wife-to-be — her accent is grotesquely exaggerated — isn’t Jewish, and has her “conversion” to Judaism approved by a fictitious “dial up and fax response” conversion to Judaism service just before the wedding is to take place.

The dialogue translates in part as follows:

Groom: “Marina, what is the fax for?”

Bride: “Beytenu sent it, a wedding present.”

Groom: “How nice of him. But what the hell — a fax?”

Bride: “To receive permission.”

Groom: “Permission for what?”

Bride: “From 1-800-convert”

Groom: “1-800-convert??”

Bride: “Da, you call 1-800-convert and receive permission.”

Groom: “Wait, you aren’t Jewish?”

Bride (waving the faxed “certificate of conversion”): “I am now!”

The groom is suitably horrified and refuses to even kiss his bride once he realizes that she is not actually Jewish (as if her appearance had not given that away).

The advertisement, directed by the Shas party against those who want to make it easier for non-Jews to convert to Judaism. Shas was founded the leadership of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a former Israeli Sephardi chief rabbi, who remains its spiritual leader today. It is a major player in Israeli politics, and has been instrumental in bringing both the Labor and Likud parties to power as a result of coalitions with either of those two parties.

Currently, Shas holds four cabinet posts in the Likud coalition government under prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In other words, this attitude towards people who are not of racial Jewish origin is not some minor aberration in Israeli or Jewish politics, but in fact representative of the mainstream. The fact that Shas has been in coalition with both the Labor and Likud parties show that there is no difference between “left” and “right” wing Zionists—they are all united in their common hatred of non-Jews.