Jewish Supremacist Hypocrisy: Leading Israeli Editor Demands Jewish Racial Purity

jewish-hypocOne of the most significant characteristics of Jewish Supremacist activity is the continual demand for Jews to be racially Jewish and support for a racially-Jews only homeland, while actively campaigning against and denying that right to every other people on earth.

This vile hypocrisy has been demonstrated once again with an op-ed piece by one of Israel’s leading magazine editors which appeared in the Ynet News service in Israel.

In the piece, founding editor of the magazine Eretz Acheret Bambi Sheleg warned of the “dangers of assimilation” and said that increasing numbers of “out marriages” among American Jews was “reducing the number of Jews in the world.”

This would, the Zionist Supremacist said, reduce the support provided to Israel by America, which in turn would have a grave impact on the Zionist state’s survival.

“Our nation’s future depends on renewal of alliance between Israeli, American Jews,” Sheleg wrote.

“Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, one of the heads of the Tzohar rabbinical organization and the head of a yeshiva in Petach Tikva, returned from a visit to the US with the understanding that the Jews are becoming increasingly assimilated into mainstream American life.

“In an article published on the yeshiva’s website he determined that ‘the assimilation percentages are horrible. It is estimated that about 50% of students who can be linked to Judaism do not have two Jewish parents. Some very serious studies show that 5% of New Yorkers who identify themselves as Jews are not Jews according to any definition (not even the Reformist definition) and have not gone through any conversion process – even Reform conversion – yet they still consider themselves to be Jewish.’

“In his article the rabbi discusses the possible ways to reverse this trend and notes its far-reaching consequences on the future of the State of Israel.”

“The future of the Jewish nation is not a matter that belongs to the Orthodoxy, the Reform Movement or any other Jewish institution. This issue is significant to all Jews living today.

“The significance of the assimilation process in America is that if we do not act fast in the fields of culture, identity, education that connect all Jews – particularly American and Israeli Jews – the State of Israel will also suffer from the decline in the number of Jews worldwide. Any damage caused to Israel will directly affect the Jewish nation’s ability to develop and prosper.

“Reversing the trend in America requires national dialogue, which has yet to begin. This dialogue must deal openly with beliefs and opinions, without hatred or fear. Even those who do not agree with the liberal and Reform Jews must realize that these are the only Jews we have.”