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Dr. Duke Answers a Critic Claiming Hypocrisy Defending European Human Rights — Update!

Peace_on_Earthtorri for mailI wanted to share with you my friends a recent email I received from someone who condemned me on facebook as a “hypocrite” for defending the heritage, culture and existence of the European people. I have edited and expanded this because of the importance of this concept!

I share his email and my response because I think this subject deals with the hatred spanning this globe and how we can someday move to world of mutual respect, friendship and peace.

Here is his email and my response. I hope you find it valuable for a greater understanding of very sensitive issue.

Dear Sir,

I find your discussions of the the grim fate of European Americans by the invasions of other people to be, considering the fact that your European ancestors decimated and obliterated the native inhabitants of this country, utter hypocrisy.

Saam Shahdadi, non-European American

Dear Mr. Shahdadi,

Please indulge me for a moment.

So what if everything you say is indeed true?

Do you really believe that wrongs by a people in the remote past make it right to harm millions of people in the present?

Just tell me how these kinds of historical wrongs are not true of just about all the other racial, and ethnic and tribal groups on Earth.

Go back far enough my friend. Do you really believe that historical Asian and Amerindian tribal and ethnic groups didn’t destroy other peoples and even different Indian ethnic or tribal groups?

I have a PhD in history and have read extensively on the Indian tribal histories in the Americas. For instance, every American historian is aware that Indian tribes fought each other with merciless cruelty without European interference. The Hurons for instance were almost totally exterminated by the Iroquois, a closely related tribe. The Comanche, supreme warriors, terrorized all their neighboring tribes and had a fierce reputation among Indians for slowly torturing prisoners of war to death.

The Aztecs, who were far more technologically capable their than the other Indian tribal groups around them, as were the Incas in Peru, were as imperialist in their world as Europeans were in theirs.

Perhaps your heritage is Arab. You must be aware that Arab slave traders depopulated whole regions of Black Africa. Would you use this fact of history to justify the oppression of the Palestinians?

Maybe you are Indian or Pakistani or Malaysian or Persian. No matter what your heritage is. Maybe you are of African descent, perhaps a Hutu or Tutsi or Zulu. Look at the record of slavery, conquest, tribalism, even genocide with open eyes, the same eyes with which you try to condemn all Europeans!

Don’t you realize there is hardly any populated part of India, or Africa or South America, Asia or Europe, where historically, even through prehistory, that one group didn’t go into another area and take control through the conquest of war and differential birthrates, and frankly yes, even genocide.

My friend, cannot you see honestly that all human tribes, ethnic groups, and races have dirty hands.

If European people have historically done evil things so that today they deserve annihilation, then you should go ahead and say that all humanity deserves it, including your own people.

And the fact that almost every human race or tribe has done this kind of thing in the past, does not make those things right or moral in today’s world.

Hopefully, we have developed a new morality of the relations of one people with another.

Almost every atrocity, human rights violation and bloody war is based on real or perceived past wrongs of other peoples and nations. And now apparently you want to continue that horrific vicious cycle, by telling me that because of past wrongs real or perceived that Europeans of whatever nationality have no right to be concerned about preserving their heritage, their freedom and their human rights.

There is no inherent evil in the European people.

You have been programmed by the Zio extremists to hate their historic enemy, to hate their enemy so they could use their divide and conquer strategy.

They work overtime with their control of Hollywood and academia to demonize European Americans so as to deflect you from the real controllers of America and the Western World.

The real source of so much war and theft and promotion of human degeneracy.

If European Americans really controlled the media would they promote the countless films that constantly evoke emotional feelings of hate and disgust toward themselves? Would they promote immigration intended to make them a tiny minority in the government and culture that they themselves built?

European people historically have had times of imperialism and expansionism as have all peoples.

But we, and hopefully all enlightened people have learned a new morality,  and become dedicated to the idea that oppression against other peoples should not continue.

Europeans engaged in slavery, as did all other peoples on Earth, but every European nation on Earth ended slavery on its own. And then, Europeans have worked hard around the world to save the lives and freedom of slaves. A good example is Britain that not only ended the slave trade of its sovereigns but used the British navy to free slaves wherever it found such trafficking on Earth and on the high seas.

Remember too that percentage wise, a tiny percent of Europeans owned slaves. Even in the Southern part of the United States in the Antebellum South it was less than 5 percent. In Canada, slavery of other races was almost nonexistent, the same is true in the heart of Europe.

Did the Arabic people not engage in slavery, or the Asian peoples, the African peoples, the Indian peoples?

If you think otherwise, then you are extremely naive and biased.

The most horrible aspects of slavery were found in the inhuman aspects of the slave trade. Watch my video and read my books and you will learn about the tiny minority of the world’s population who were the world’s champions of slavery.

But, has the media given you images of the Jewish slave trader?

No, they have given you countless images of the Christian slaver and slave trader such as the latest movie Django by the Weinstein Bros. Studio.

They have instilled in you an obvious emotional hatred about Christian Europeans, but but only the kindest representations of the real tribal masters of the slave tribe.

Could that be because it is the same hyper-racist tribe that controls the media?

If you want to hate European people, deny their human rights and wish for their destruction, then you support the same kinds of crimes for which you condemn them.

Funny, this European whom you seem to despise, doesn’t want to destroy you or your pepole, while you wish harm upon him and his people. Who is it that needs a lesson in hypocrisy?

Another fact you might have overlooked in regard to the Indian question is that modern anthropology has extensive forensic, physical  and DNA evidence that actually Europeans settled in America thousands of years before the East Asian “Indians” came.

I have read extensively in the latest historical and anthropological currents in academia, and I realize that it is likely that you know little about these discoveries and scientific research.

The Zio media has no interest in publicizing into the common consciousness the latest historic, archeological and genetic evidence of the presence of European settlers in North America long before the presence of East Asian “Indian” migrations.

Certainly the theory is controversial in academia, and the Zio-dominated anthropology since the time of Boas has a vested interest in denying any evidence that celebrates the heritage of any people other than their own fellow tribalists.

But the evidence cannot be summarily dismissed, and many prestigious anthropologists accept the hypothesis. Among them is Dennis J. Stanford, an archaeologist and Director of the Paleoindian/Paleoecology Program at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution. Another respected academic is Prof. Bruce Bradley of Exeter university in Britain, who has offered copious evidence of European presence in North America.

first human beings in America Europeans2highlightmediumwebsizeOther scientists have studied Indian tribes deep within the North American continent and they found distinctly European genes, and by scientific genetic dating methods, found the presence of European genes in Amerindian people that dated earlier than Columbus or any Norse incursions.

If this ultimately becomes scientifically proven, it would show that these ancient Europeans were basically wiped out by the Asian migrations, leaving only traces of European genes in some of the current “native” populations.

The difference is that the Asian invaders didn’t create any reservations, no vast tracts of land for the people whom they conquered and decimated, the Indian/Asian invaders simply exterminated and subsumed them all.

This fact of the probable genocide against Europeans in the Americas, or the horrific invasions into Europe and Western Asia by Mongol Asians, does not make me hate them or want to suppress them or harm them in any way!

Arab and Muslim states invaded and ruled over European lands, but I am not so blind as to not recognize the harsh realities of the Crusades or European colonialism.

In fact, I personally have much respect, even honor for the Indian peoples of America. I love how they lived in harmony and respect for Nature. And they had every right to courageously defend themselves from the invaders hundreds of years ago, just as Europeans had and have those same rights to defend their homelands.

Whether or not you believe this is not really important though. In fact it is ultimately immaterial to the discussion of human rights.

For even if you don’t accept this historical concept, it doesn’t change the fact that the ancestors of every people on earth have committed what by today’s standards are called human rights violations. Even the East Asian people who migrated  into the Americas, themselves undoubtedly have histories of tribal human aggression against other ethnic expression of mankind stretching back into Asia in the remote mists of time.

The point is that using collective crimes of any people in the remote past to justify harming present populations is itself immoral.

For, as I have said, past wrongs, or perceived past wrongs of enemies, have always been the justification used to commit horrific human rights crimes.

You might be so attached to your hatred of Europeans which has been instilled in you by the Zio media, that you can’t look at the evidence objectively. Fueled in great part by the media, anti-European hate is now practically a religion.

It is similar to the Zio media induced lie that Big Oil controls American politics when not one of the 40 largest political donors to Obama and Romney were from oil companies. Or the Zio myth that the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars were for oil, when not one more drop of oil was gained from those wars, but the wars cost trillions of dollars from the American people. The war was not for oil. It was for Israel and Jewish supremacism.

Or the Zio media inculcated perception that organized crime is overwhelmingly an Italian thing when the fact is that even in the 2oth century organized crime has been far more of a “Jewish thing” than an “Italian institution.”

You may have unknowingly developed a visceral hatred of Europeans because of the portrayal of the African Slave trade to the Americas. But Jewish Supremacist Steven Spielberg’s Amistad effectively covered up the Jewish domination of this abominable enterprise. Watch my documentary The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery.

weinsteins djanog webThe Zio media doesn’t make you conscious about any of this. The Weinstein Bros and ZioWood do not want you to be aware of the prominent Jewish role in the slave trade, because they want you to hate European folks rather than oppose the people who truly exploit and rule over you today in the Zio Matrix of Media, politics and finance!

And, of course, they want European Americans to hate themselves so they will not defend themselves from the real tribal supremacists who have conquered them.

You need to ask yourself about the mindset in which you now seem to endorse harm and genocide upon people of European descent.

That’s the difference between you and me.

I wish no harm against any other people on this Earth, and I believe that genocide is the ultimate evil, no matter who it’s victims are.

You sir, may be the hypocrite, but I know you don’t realize it.

You are not intending to be hypocritical, you have been programmed this way by the Zio media.

You have been conditioned by the ultimate supremacists on earth, the Jewish Supremacists, to hate the European people, as many of my own people have been conditioned to hate themselves.

It is the same force that really runs America and the “American” media. And they have a stake in you hating European Americans.

It is so they can rule over America and Europe, and ultimately seek their rule every other race and nation through their control of the Western nations.

The truth is that the dispossession of European Americans is actually the ultimate source of the horrific policies of the Zio Globalists who harm not just the Palestinians, but the entire world.

They want to make African Americans hate European Americans rather than understand the harm done to them by the Zio supremacists who run the media that destroys their families, promotes drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, sexual degeneracies, violence, and other destruction of the African American community.

They want to make my own people hate themselves so these ultimate supremacists and haters can rule over us.

I wish the best for you.

I will repeat this until I am blue in the face, until I lose this aging voice:

I believe that every people has the right to be free and independent, to preserve and celebrate and enhance their own values, culture and unique expressions of humanity.

I am the opposite of what is defined as a “racist.”

That is because I not only oppose with all my heart and soul the oppression of any race or any people, I believe that every unique expression of humanity has the right to be free and should be preserved, even enhanced in its unique expressions of culture and art and philosophy.

I believe no people has the right to enslave or exploit or harm any other people.

I believe in human rights for all people, and by that I mean every people on earth, including the European people.

I believe that there is never, ever an excuse to deny people their basic human rights. Nothing ever justifies harming the innocent.

I believe that different peoples can and should be able to work out their disagreements without war and hate and harm.

But I also know that we are ruled by a tiny tribal extremist minority that maintains their power and control over us by a divide and conquer strategy.

Even those misguided miscreants should be treated with human rights in mind. But those who commit crimes should answer for them within the bounds of law and justice. I also believe that they must be deposed from their malevolent influence over us and over the Earth.

They must be dethroned from their power over the media, International Finance and Politics.

I hope I have afforded you another perspective on a very emotional issue for so many people.

Please Wake up!

All peoples have the right to human rights, even those you might despise!

Best Wishes to You,

Dr. David Duke

Here are two interesting videos showing how the Zio Media completely changes our impressions of history. These documentaries show how they give us these non-rational visceral associations in furtherance of their tribal interests and agenda. One is on the Zio Coverup of Organized Crime. The other is the Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery.