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Jewish Hollywood Elite Reward Anti-Iranian Film with Oscar…What a "Surprise!"

CMoment-Hollywoodsmallommentary by Dr. David Duke – The Jewish elite of Hollywood has rewarded the viciously anti-Iranian film, Argo with the Best Picture Oscar. Are we supposed to be shocked? I predicted that one from the start, but I knew it would be a close call between the sickening pro-torture film, Zero Dark Thirty, and Argo.

In the documentary, Hollywoodism, the Jewish producers of the film interview Jewish movie critic, Neil Gabler, in which he boasts of the Jewish takeover of Hollywood and along with it, American culture and values. Here are some quotes from the documentary. You can find these quotes and much more in my book, Jewish Supremacism.

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A 1998 made-for-television film documentary aired on the Arts & Entertainment cable network boasted of the preeminent Jewish role in media and the shaping of our society to their purposes. It was made by Elliot Halpern & Simcha Jacobvici Productions, and written and directed by Simcha Jacobvici. The documentary tells how Jews overcame the Gentile filmmakers such as Thomas Edison and D.W. Griffith, and gradually replaced their traditional American themes. Movies such as Griffith’s Birth of a Nation which honored our traditional heritage became replaced with paeans to the immigrant and multiracialism. They interview Jewish author Neil Gabler, who frankly tells how they “devoured” the values of traditional America.

They created their own America, an America which is not the real America…But ultimately this shadow America becomes so popular and so widely disseminated that its images and its values come to devour the real America. And so the grand irony of all of Hollywood — is that Americans come to define themselves by the shadow of America that was created by the Eastern European Jewish immigrants who weren’t permitted in the precincts of the real America.

The narrator goes on to say that the Hollywood Jews became almost godlike in their power and set up a system to raise their prestige in the eyes of Americans.

Where there were new gods there must be new idols. So, the studio heads began a movie guild with the lofty title of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It was Mayer’s brilliant idea to create the Oscars where the movie moguls’ guild honor themselves by giving each other awards. In this way, they went from being a group of immigrant Jews to award-winning American producers.

The Lesson of Marlon Brando

Jewish power is such that they can make craven even the greatest of Hollywood icons. Marlon Brando is a prime example. In the early days of his acting career he was completely under the control of Jewish agents and acquaintances. Brando wrote in his autobiography that he was given an important role in a disgustingly pro-Zionist play called A Flag Is Born, written by avid Zionist Ben Hecht and directed by Luther Adler. As Brando notes,

It was essentially a piece of political propaganda advocating the creation of the state of Israel … Everyone in A Flag Is Born was Jewish except me … I did not know then that Jewish terrorists were indiscriminately killing Arabs and making refugees out of them in order to take their land … The play, as well as my friendship with the Adlers, helped make me a zealous advocate for Israel and later a kind of traveling salesman for it…

Brando then began giving propaganda speeches for a Zionist organization, and even contributed money himself to the Zionist Irgun organization, a terrorist group.[i]

Marlon Brando later learned the truth about Zionism and dramatically changed his opinion. “Now,” he said in 1994, “I understand much more about the complexity of the situation than I did then … [ii] I sided with Jewish terrorists without acknowledging that they were killing innocent Palestinians in their effort to create the state of Israel …[iii] One of the strangest government policies is that largely because of the political influence of Jewish interests, our country has invested billions of dollars and many American lives to help Israel reclaim land that they say their ancestors occupied three thousand years ago.”[iv]

During an appearance on the Larry King television show, actor Marlon Brando dared to comment that “Hollywood is run by Jews. It is owned by Jews.” Brando contended that Jews are always depicted as humorous, kind, loving, and generous while they slander every other racial group, “but are ever so careful to ensure that there is never any negative image of the kike.”[v]

Jewish groups came down unmercifully on Brando, stating in their press releases that they would see to it that he “would never work again.” No one in the Jewish press seemed to notice that the threats simply validated Brando’s observation of their unchallenged media power. Brando became so intimidated by the onslaught of hatred and threats against him that he had to arrange an audience with Rabbi Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. In probably the best acting job of his life, Brando cried and got on his knees and kissed Rabbi Hier’s hands, begging for forgiveness for offending the supreme Jewish gods of the Western World. Brando publicly renounced his heresy against the new Jewish gods, and thus the Jewish high priest absolved him of his sin. Brando had become a good object lesson for famous Gentiles who might dare speak the truth about Jewish supremacism, and he has said nothing but positive things about Jews ever since.

If someone wants to understand how the Jewish supremacists maintain their almost complete media control, the Brando incident is an excellent illustration. They do it by both the carrot and the stick. They reward those Goyim who go along with their evil as they did Brando in his early career, but they are unmerciful to anyone who dares to even utter a word against them. Public figures who publicly oppose them have to be either incredibly stupid or magnificently brave. Marlon Brando naively thought that by telling the obvious truth about Israel he might endure serious criticism, but he never dreamed of the tidal wave of filth and abuse that would descend upon him. In a pitiful scene, Brando prostrated himself at the feet of his master like a whimpering dog, literally licking the hand of the tyrant that beat him.


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