Israel’s Racist Immigration Policies Exposed by Top Rabbi

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA top rabbi who is head of the Conservative Movement’s rabbinical assembly in Israel has inadvertently revealed in detail the overtly racist nature of the Zionist state’s immigration policies.

Rabbi Andrew Sacks, Director of the Masorti [Conservative] Movement’s Rabbinical Assembly in Israel and the Masorti Movement’s Bureau of Religious Affairs, revealed the details in an article published in the Jerusalem Post titled “Eliminating race as an issue in Aliyah.

(Aliyah is the Jewish word for the “return” of Jews to Israel.)

Rabbi Sacks only wrote the article because he is unhappy that several Masorti converts have recently been refused the right to settle in Israel, and not for any other reason.

In the article, he revealed that there have been a number of cases where converts have been refused entrance in Israel on racial grounds—because they are not Jews by biological descent, rather than adherence to any religious code.

Rabbi Sacks gave some examples: a Chinese convert from China who was turned down despite fulfilling all the religious requirements, and some native South American Indians “who prepared for conversion over a period of five years and only then appeared before a Beit Din of three Masorti rabbis. They have committed the sin of being Indians (Native S. American).

“And what of the woman from Bolivia who has been denied Aliyah? One of the reasons listed: She did not study with a rabbi.

“A man from South America was denied after applying to make Aliyah subsequent to his conversion. He is the fourth generation born to a Jewish grandparent. Under the Law of Return one may make Aliyah only to the third generation. So far – OK. But this person has converted to Judaism. His (non-Jewish) parents live in Israel.

“But the Interior Ministry has a list of criteria which they refuse to make public that bars such a person from Aliyah.”

“At any given time there may be dozens of Jews by Choice waiting for approval,” he wrote.

“In most of these cases they will wait forever . . . Just last week the fate of a large group of Masorti converts from Peru was tossed up to the Mankal (director) within the Interior Ministry.

“These cases are not rare. Indeed they are all too common. It brings me no pleasure to write that they also occur among Orthodox converts.”

* Meanwhile, of course, Jewish Supremacist organizations in the US and elsewhere stridently demand that all other nations have open borders policies when it comes to immigration.

One law for the Jewish Supremacists, another for everyone else.