“Jewish” Head of English Church Visits Yad Vashem…but Not Deir Yassin

The head of the Church of England—who allegedly only “discovered” his Jewish ancestry—recently concluded a visit to the Holocaust museum Yad Vahsem in Israel—where he ignored the Zionist terrorist massacre site of Deir Yassin, only a stone throw’s away.


As revealed on Davidduke.com, the massacre site of Deir Yassin—where one of the worst atrocities committed during the creation of Israel took place, is literally within sight of Yad Vashem.

It was inexplicable: how could a man of God who claims to be conscious of all suffering, deliberately choose to ignore Deir Yassin?

The Times of Israel provides an answer: he actually is so Jewish that he qualifies for residence in Israel based upon that country’s racially-bad “law of return.”

According to the Times of Israel, Bishop Welby, “whose decade-long rise in the church is considered meteoric, has had limited experience working with Jewish groups, but activists speak positively of his relations with Jews in his former parishes and in the interfaith world.

“They point to two hopeful early signs. The first is that the archbishop has chosen to visit Israel . . . very early in his tenure.

“The other is that, completely regardless of his Jewish background, he appears to have long had an affinity for, and interest in, Jewish issues and in Israel.

“According to the philo-Semitic Canon Andrew White, ‘Israel has no fear with him, nor does the Jewish community. He’s a friend, not an enemy.’

welbyThe Times of Israel continued: “This affiliation as a conservative evangelical – much rarer in the UK than in America – helps explain why Archbishop Welby has always been perceived as ‘genuinely sensitive to Jews and Judaism. He sees them as integral to Christian formation,’ says Ed Kessler, executive director of the Woolf Institute, Cambridge, and a leading expert in interfaith relations.

“’He is also open to Israel as a Jewish state. The concept of Zionism isn’t alien to him.’”

The Times of Israel concluded with this telling remark: “the father-of-five can always retire to Israel – where, as a descendent of a Jewish father and grandfather, he is entitled to citizenship under the Law of Return. For an Archbishop of Canterbury, this is surely a first.”

Perhaps this background helps to explain why the head of the “Christian” Church of England ignored Deir Yassin…..