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It’s OK to Be White Campaign Sweeping the Nation!

When we live in a fake Zio Media Reality, it very easy to red pill the normies simply by being smart and exposing the screaming contradictions that are everywhere.

When students put up the simple sign, “It’s OK to Be White” on campuses across the U.S. and Canada. The J-Left has gone insane with the establishment saying this simple statement is “racist,” “hateful,” and “oppressive.”

University Presidents have demanded these signs be hunted down and exterminated, the perpetrators punished with expulsion and destruction of their careers and lives for simply daring to utter a single word in defense of white people and our human rights!

When it is not OK to have a sign saying  “It’s OK to be White” it ezposes the fact that there is a war on White People in the Western World, and that it is in our Ziocratic society NOT Okay to Be White!”

In fact there is a purposeful mass immigration policy that will ethnically cleanse us in our homelands! That is the ultimate racism.

But there is no way the media can win on this issue. The more they attack this campaign the more they prove us right!

Truth will win in the end!