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Israeli Genocide in Gaza—A Documentary by Dr. David Duke

Watch this latest video documentary by Dr. David Duke on the Israeli Genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza. This incredible film will show you what the Zio-controlled media in the West deliberately hides from its viewers: the wholesale destruction, murder and Crimes against Humanity committed by Israel.

See this video below. Share it, make copies and distribute it far and wide.

Errata: Since the publication of this video, it has been drawn to our attention that one scene, of the child being dug out rubble, in fact took place in Syria, not Gaza. In the interests of accuracy, we make this correction public. We would point out that like any news organizations, small errors are always possible, but this in no way detracts from the overall message of the video, nor that fact a very large number of children in Gaza were buried in their hoses in that fashion, and that the scene would indeed have been repeated countless times in the ongoing holocaust against the Palestinian people.