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Interview with EU Parliamentarian Bruno Gollnisch

bruno-gollnisch.jpgBy David Duke

I met Dr. Bruno Gollnisch a few years ago at his home near Lyon, France. A professor of Classics at the University of Lyon and a leader in the National Front, Dr. Gollnisch was newly elected to the EU, a position he still holds. The professor is a paragon of civility, but he has come to understand that unchecked immigration will constitute the destruction of European heritage and freedom. Dr. Gollnisch will not politely sit by while our European heritage is wiped away in France, the EU, and in the rest of the Western world.

Because of his principled stand, he has faced unrelenting persecution and character assassination. It was one of the most thrilling days of my life when he led me onto the floor of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, for I felt honored that Dr. Gollnisch would announce in this way that I, as hated by the media as I am, was his friend. It is great to know that there are some bigger-than-life personalties who will not choose friends or enemies by the pronouncements of a racist media that seeks to destroy the heritage and rights of the European-American people. On that day, Dr. Gollnisch introduced me to Jean Marie LePen, and LePen then also proudly introduced me around the EU Parliament and invited me to a private dinner that evening. LePen and I discussed almost every critical issue facing our people. I can assure you that he is as fully knowledgable and committed as I am on the issues dear to my heart. We formed a friendship and understanding that has endured to this day, and I believe it will continue after he is, as we hope, elected France’s next president. He is now an official candidate and his chances this time are vastly improved because of the immigrant unrest that wracked France this last year.

Recently, Bruno Gollnisch founded a patriotic caucus at the E.U. parliament, and he still serves is the vice-chairman of the French National front, which is one of the three largest political parties in France.

Mr. Gollnisch is working very hard to unite patriots on a European level and to support Jean-Marie Le Pen’s race for the presidency of France. That makes him a target of the enemies of free speech and of European heritage. He has recently been sentenced to a three month suspended jail sentence, to pay a five thousand Euro fine, and to pay another fifty-five thousand Euros to different associations–because he simply suggested that historians should have the right debate about World War II history. We hope he will prevail on appeal, but his persecution for simply advocating free speech on all issues has to be a new low in the shrinking human rights of European Americans.

In this interview, Dr. Gollnisch will tell us more about free speech and civil rights issues in the E.U. and France. Just click on the photo and you will be linked directly to the video interview on altermedia.info. Or here!

I am so happy that we at www.davidduke.com can share this interview with the man who is, at this moment, the most important elected official in the world for our people’s heritage and freedom!