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Guess How many Teaspoons of Sugar in Two Thin Slices of Whole Wheat Bread?

Commentary by David Duke —

It is wonderful that people are finally waking up to the devastating impact on our health from the large amount of sugar in our diet.

Everywhere people are cutting back on the sugar they put in their tea or coffee, they increasingly try to avoid softdrinks with their huge amounts of sugar. People are finally realizing that sugar is the primary ingredient that puts fat on you. But the shocking thing about the fat you eat, even saturated fat that you eat, is that it goes through a digestive process that does not add fat on to your body unless you combine it with sugar. Without carbohydrates, fat, even large amounts of it, can’t make you fat. Large amounts of carbohydrates, however, even without a single ounce of fat, can make you fat as pig!

But what is sugar?

And what is the main sources of sugar in your diet?

Ultimately, the effects of sugar are essentially the same whether you get your sugar from table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or from Carbohydrates in the forms of grains, fruits or other foods. Although, there is more and more science suggesting that fructose also has some uniquely bad affects in high quantities. That is because high levels of fructose damages the liver similarly to alcoholic liver disease,whereas simple glucose does not have to be processed the same ways by the liver.

But the bottom line on the danger of sugar is simply the amount of glucose (simple sugar) it puts int he blood. It is the blood glucose level that leads to the insulin response, obesity and and heart disease, type 2 diabetes, glycation and a host of other ills.

The government and media tell us relentlessly that bread, pasta, corn and fruits are good for us, and consuming carbs as the bulk of our food source will make us thin and healthy.

It is as Gary Taubes says, it is nothing but a “big fat lie.”

What people just can’t seem to get into their mind is that the slice of whole grain bread they put into their body transforms itself to sugar, essentially the same glucose that you get from the white powdery stuff you put in your tea or coffee. And it does so in huge amounts.

If you want to know how much sugar is any food, find out the number of grams of carbohydrate and then divide by four (4).

Now for the shocker.

How many teaspoons of sugar are in two thin slices of supposedly healthy whole grain bread?

Hold onto your hat. Ten (10) teaspoons of sugar.

Now how many teaspoons of sugar are in that very sweet tasting snickers bar?

8.5 teaspoons of sugar.

So two thin slices of whole wheat bread

have more sugar than a snickers bar.

It is a simple task to test people’s blood sugar (glucose) level after eating any kind of food.

Guess what scientists find in comparing the sugar levels in the blood after the consumption of a snickers bar and two bread slices.

Two slices of “healthy” whole grain bread run up your blood sugar

higher and for a longer period than a snickers bar.

But, I see people every day, not putting sugar in their tea and coffee because they know its not good for you, but then have toast with their coffee, or a doughnut, or a pancake, or  a pop tart, etc.

Some of the same folks who don’t dare put even a single teaspoon of sugar of their coffee — then eat ten teaspoons of sugar that are contained in two slices of bread.

The same is true for “healthy” fruit juice and “healthy” fruits.

A cup of seedless prunes has, in effect, 25 teaspoons of sugar. Can you imagine?

Can you imagine sitting down and eating 25 teaspoons of sugar. Or 10? Or even 5?

You can go and extrapolate of this in carbs to your breakfast cereals, and thousands of other food.

Just take the grams of non-fiber carbohydrate, and divide by 4. And you will know how many teaspo0ns of sugar in the food you want to eat. Once you look at it that way, you might eat a lot more healthily.

And now you have had a short course in why obesity is an epidemic.

For hundreds of millions of people, their obesity is not because they are gluttons and sloths, it is because they don’t really know how bad sugar is for them.

And if they know that sugar is bad, they don’t know the truth about about the enormous sugar found grains and fruits, and also because the sugar in these foods actually cause an addiction to them.

Additionally, grains actually have ingredients that block the hormone in the brain that says you have had enough. So these foods actually make you more hungry, rather than satisfying your hunger. There is a biological, chemical, hormonal reason you pig out on breads and corn products and potato chips, but you don’t pig out on pig meat or steak or broccoli or salad! Carbs make you hungry, and as soon as your body burns up that easily accessible sugar, the hunger returns with a vengeance. Healthy fats and proteins keep you going and not hungry for much longer.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Davis and others on my website, and read, study and learn.

I want you to be healthy.

I especially want those working for our freedom and heritage to be healthy and fit, and mentally alert and capable. That is part of the revolution within that we must have for the political and social revolution we strive for.