How Jewish Supremacists Use Censorship to Control What News You Can See

stop-Jewish-censorship-signJewish Supremacist controlled media groups have been responsible for forcing Iran’s Press TV off the airwaves in Europe, Asia and South America, it has been revealed.

An editorial on the Press TV website, titled “Why West wants to throttle Press TV” said that France’s Eutelsat corporation, which controls satellite broadcasts to much of Europe, was under the control of a “French Israeli” with strong connections to the Zionist lobby.

“Iran’s 24/7 English-language international news channel hit the airwaves in 2007. Press TV appeared on TV screens around the world to cover the story – with a focus on topics that the ‘free’ world’s mainstream media tends not to cover.

“Press TV has established a distinctive discourse that communicates the message directly to the audience like no other. It has raised many fundamental questions and made sure that they remain in the minds of its audience: Why has al-Qaeda, as a questionably Islamist group, never attacked or done anything against the interests of Israel?

“Why do the US and Britain fight alongside the same militant extremists in Syria that they drove out of Iraq and Afghanistan in their so-called war on terror?

“Why do the US and other western governments fully support the world’s worst violators of human rights and social and political freedoms such as the dictatorial monarchies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia?

“Why does the US not want the waves of democracy to also reach the shores of Saudi Arabia, a hereditary monarchy which does not even hold elections?

“Why do western governments provide weapons to Israel then sit and watch as it bombs and kills Palestinian women and children in Gaza?

“Why do western societies insult Muslims’ religious sentiments?

“Why do western governments send their men and women in uniform to Muslim countries to kill and be killed? Why are they so power-hungry and blood-thirsty?

“It goes without saying that Press TV has posed a serious challenge to those who have controlled the flow of information via their mainstream media ever since the first television program was aired.

“And the West has realized the extent of this challenge and has decided that it needs to be contained. And just like that, satellite companies are ordered to take Press TV off the air in a desperate attempt to stop the message reaching its global audience.

“Back in 2010, WikiLeaks cables revealed that the US and Britain were exploring ways to limit the operations of Press TV. In January 2012, their efforts paid off and Press TV was taken off the air in Britain.

“Next came France’s Eutelsat, which owns Hotbird and provides satellite services to thousands of channels around the world. It took Press TV and other Iranian channels off the air under the pretext of EU sanctions on Iranian broadcasting. It also advised other European satellite companies to cut their ties with Press TV.

“Subsequently, Spain’s Hispasat banned Press TV. It also stopped transmission of Iran’s Spanish language satellite television Hispan TV, which is a formally registered media company in Spain.

“Hispasat, which is partly owned by Eutelsat, repeated the sanctions story to justify the ban.

“As the channel investigated further, it learned that Eutelsat’s CEO is a French-Israeli with strong links to Europe’s Zionist lobbies.

“As the Spanish satellite group Hispasat pulled the plug on Press TV and Hispan TV at 2300 GMT of December 20, 2012, the pro-Israeli lobby group, American Jewish Committee, AJC, issued the following celebratory statement on its official website.

‘This is an important development in the worldwide effort to contain the defiant regime in Tehran, one we have been watching carefully for months and discussing with our friends in Spain,’ said AJC Executive Director David Harris. ‘Hispasat did the right thing,’ Harris added.

“But why are Israelis so angry with Press TV that it would cause them to openly advocate a ban on the channel and, as Harris says, discuss it for months with their European partners?

“The answer lies in the fact that Press TV was the only international news channel with four correspondents on the ground in Gaza when Israel launched its deadly war on the besieged Palestinian coastal strip at the turn of 2008-2009.

“The channel provided 22 consecutive days of round-the -clock live coverage of Israeli war crimes. When Israel attacked Gaza again in 2012, Press TV was among the first to provide full rolling coverage of the offensive. Moreover, Press TV has been very active in bringing to light the crimes Israelis have committed against Palestinians over the past six decades.”