Another Analyst Agrees with Dr. Duke’s Analysis of Jewish Supremacist Hollywood Violence

presstvYet another analyst has come to the same conclusion reached earlier by Dr. David Duke concerning the Jewish Supremacist controlled Hollywood role in creating a culture of violence in the United States.

Speaking on a Press TV interview,  show, Mark Glenn, spokesman for the Crescent & Cross Solidarity Movement in Idaho , said that “for generations Americans have been deliberately fed, through Zionist media, violence as a virtue to diminish resistance against war for Israel.”

The interview was set against the backdrop of renewed debate over gun control following the tragic shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut.

“The problem here is human nature and particularly in the United States you’re dealing with a society that has been deliberately – deliberately – bred to embrace violence and to see violence as something of a religion,” Mr Glenn told Press TV.

“My personal theory is that this has been done over the course of not just years or decades, but generations as a result of the Zionist control of our media in order to create a nation of people who would be willing to go to war against a billion and a half Muslims for a century if need be. And so this is the problem.

“It’s not just the access to deadly weapons, after all, this is the same argument that Israel uses in order to demonize Iran. They say that if Iran has a nuclear weapons program then that means Iran is going to come and wipe Israel off the map and this is just simply not the case.

“It comes from embracing violence; seeing violence as something of a virtue and if you take the guns out of the equation they will use some other method for inflicting violence whether it’s knives or baseball bats or even cars.

“So the problem here is that we have a society that has lost its moral compass; deliberately so, we’ve been psychologically conditioned in order to be a very violent and militaristic society and I think the persons responsible for doing this conditioning did this with the sole purpose of bringing about this clash of civilizations so that Americans will not have a problem with going and murdering millions and millions of people in the Middle East.”