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Hear Dr. Duke Expose the Jewish Media Double Standard on the KKK and Communism!

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery Today. In this program Dr. Duke confronts head on the constant headlining and association of him with the KKK, and how this is simply an attempt of the Jewish supremacists to deflect people from his amazing books and research exposing Jewish supremacism.

In this program along with the article accompanying it (Dr. David Duke, Nelson Mandela: How the Jewish Media Manipulates the News) shows the complete double standard of the Jewish Media.

For instance he shows how Nelson Mandela is not headlined by the medias as Communist, even though he was a Communist leader who was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in South Africa. Jew sh media show pictures of David Duke, many over 40 years old but don’t show pictures of Nelson Mandela giving the Communist salute before the Communist hammer and Sickle next to the leading Jewish Communist of the CP.

They don’t headline the fact that the founders of the so-called neo-Conservative movement were in fact Trotsky communists, worshipers of the head of the Bolshevik Red Army that slaughtered millions of Russians and other Christians!

In a way, the unfair and distorted attack on Dr. Duke is a compliment to the fact that his wonderful work so powerfully  exposes the World Wide Zionist Threat to All Mankind! Great show, save and share!

Click here and look for the show dated 09-10-14.

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Watch the David Duke video “How Zionists Divide and Conquer”