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Hear Dr. David Duke on How Zionist Supremacists Generate Racial Conflict

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke on the underlying racial conflicts that are generated by the Zionists–why they must demonize Europeans because they seek to take over the elite of European nations and this small tribalist entity cannot do that without a divide and conquer scenario.


They must endorse any policy that weakens European Americans and makes them more vulnerable to a Jewish takeover. In truth the racial hatred and animus against Europeans is simply their weapon to aid in their own racial supremacy over Europeans and everyone else as well.

Dr. Duke goes into the latest HIAS, Jewish organization that plots more immigration and refugees into America while they at the same time are devoted Jewish supremacists in America and the Jewish racist state of Israel which has the opposite policies.

He also talks about the firing of archaeologist Patricia Sutherland simply because she talks about the amazing Viking settlements and culture in North America that was pre-Columbus and why the Jewish-controlled archaeology establishment despises any research showing European achievement which might lead to a sense of heritage and pride among Europeans, all which Jews see as a threat to their supremacy over Europeans.

Amazing show that also has great added commentary by former Ivy League PhD, Dr. Patrick Slattery.

Click here and look for the show dated 06-19-14.

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