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Hear Dr. David Duke on the Protocols of Zion: Fact or Fantasy?

Dr. David Duke begins with another interesting analysis of the origins of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and motivation and thinking behind its author.

He explains how the important thing in the Protocols is not who its author is or the literary framework of the book, but the underlying truth it postulates.

For instance he shows how it predicted the inhumanity of the Bolshevik regime and twenty years before Winston Churchill’s famous article about the Jewish takeover of Russia, the Protocols laid bare the same Jewish role that Churchill documents.

Dr. Duke’s new book documents how the assertions in the Protocols are also spot on the modern world.

Dr. Duke also talks today in a health and fitness segment how any debate on the value of a particular diet should look on the diet our ancestors ate for hundreds of thousands of years, and thus is the diet that we were designed to eat.

He outlines what our ancestors ate and how that radically differs from the kind of foods promoted by the international food corporations.

Then Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery go into a great discussion of the origins and distinctions in mankind and helps the listener get a better idea of why we do indeed have differences and why the Zio globalists try to hide and suppress them, while at the same time extolling their own distinctiveness and chosenness!

Great show, truly one you should share with family and friends!

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