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Hear Dr. David Duke and Paul Eisen Discuss the Jewish Supremacist Mindset and Motivation

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr, David Duke and Paul Eisen discuss the Jewish Supremacist mindset and motivation.


Dr. Duke begins by discussing the latest Zio hypocrisy: their condemnation of European electoral victories by those who want to preserve their European heritage while at the same time supporting the most xenophobic racist state on the planet, Israel.

Paul Eisen than joins Dr. Duke for a discussion which is incredibly revealing of the Jewish mentality and why non-Jews must develop a clear understanding of the incredibly alien mentality of the Jewish elite compared to the Gentile peoples around the world.

Unless this understanding is rationally learned we are lost and doomed to tyranny, war, degeneration. Furthermore, we must become emotionally moved as well until our own survival and upward development becomes part of purpose of life.

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